Education System: Past, Present and Future, Let’s Talk About

The method of teaching and educating children has been going on for about 1.5 million years. But the establishment of a formal system for this is a few decades old. Let’s talk about the history of the school and the education system.

Ancient Education And School

Calligraphy came into being around 3 BC. The world’s oldest alphabet was created in Egypt in 2000 BC. In those days calligraphy was done on rocks, tree bark and leaves.

Opening Of Schools In The Middle East

According to historical knowledge, the first education system was established in Egypt, which was very limited. In this system, individuals who taught at the individual level were hired as teachers. In ancient Egypt, education was given only to a certain class. Then ancient Israel, after Christ, schools of religious education were established, where reading, writing, and memorization were taught.

The Beginning Of Islamic Education

When Islamic civilization spread from China to Spain, it established educational institutions everywhere. The first educational institution was Safa, which was adjacent to the Prophet’s Mosque, where religious education was given to the people. In addition, Muslims founded the first university in Morocco.

Beginning Of Education In The Subcontinent

From 600 to 1500 BC, most of the education system of the subcontinent consisted of Vedic education. Initially, education was provided free of cost to Hindus, but after the caste division, their education was limited to Brahmins. Among the Hindus, a Gurukul  education system was introduced which was in the style of a boarding school, where children from wealthy families were educated.

Beginning Of Education In China

Children’s education in China began during the Yao period, while the first education system was established under the Dia government. Chinese philosophy began during the reign of Zhu.

Ancient Greek Education

In ancient Greece, children were taught letters, songs, and writing on a wooden table covered with wax. The two largest schools of higher learning in Athens were Lyceum and Platonic Academy. In addition, the Greek city of Sparta had another type of education system, where children underwent rigorous military training.

The Teachings Of Ancient Rome

The first school in Rome was established in the middle of four centuries BC, where children were given basic education. During the heyday of the Romans, formal schools were established in their education system. Where boys and girls were educated separately.

After the ancient school system, we will now talk about the Middle Ages.

Formal Education, Medieval

Europe’s Education System

The centers of formal education in Europe used to be the Roman Catholic Church. Catholic schools and monasteries have become a major source of education in Europe. 1120 The first high school in the UK, Dunfermline Abbey High School, was established, highlighting the church’s role in promoting education.

The Education System Of The Islamic World

The House of Wisdom was the largest educational center in Baghdad from the 6th to the 8th century. In addition, mosques have an educational center, the Madrasa, where the Qur’an and Arabic are taught. In the ninth century, the Bimaristan Medical School was established to teach medicine. During the Ottoman Caliphate, Bursa and Adriana were among the major research centers.

Aztec Education

In the Aztec Empire of Mexico, after the age of fifteen, all boys and girls, regardless of race or color, were required to attend school. Two types of schools were established here. One offered military education, the other modern astronomy, theology, and more.

The Current Education System Of The Subcontinent

After the War of Independence, the British rule was established in the subcontinent. The British replaced the traditional education system with their own education system. In fact, the British needed English literate employees to run the government. High-level government jobs remained with the British, but Lord Macaulay offered special education to produce clerks. The British made it mandatory for government clerks to pass through their educational institutions where Indian students were introduced to English and Western style.

On this occasion, two groups emerged among the Muslims, one who believed in English education, including Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, etc., while the other group believed in religious education. After which the system of direct madrassas came into existence. In the subcontinent, the religious and secular education of the Muslims became separate, and this division created a distinction between ‘mullah’ and ‘mister’ among the Muslims. Even after independence from the British, the same system is prevalent in our country today.

Come on, these are very boring things … Here are some modern teaching methods and schools.

Finland’s Schools

Finland’s schools and education system are the best in the world today. In our schools, it is necessary to pass a test to get to the next level, while in the Finland schooling system, the test is done at the individual level instead of the test. Most of the educational institutions in the world have a tendency to compete, in which the first, second and third are decided, while in Finland schools, instead of competition, an atmosphere of cooperation is created. In addition, in our country, children’s milk teeth do not break when they are put in school, while in Finland, school starts after the age of seven. In addition, in Finland schools, children are not given the same education, but individually the child chooses a particular subject according to his interest and is taught the same subject.


Today is the age of the internet, but sir … The internet is also used for reading instead of just watching social media and cartoons. There are numerous websites on the Internet where you can take courses of your choice for free and YouTube is now the largest e-learning platform where you can find video lectures and exercises on all subjects.

Augmented Learning And Virtual Learning

You may have often seen a slightly larger device in the crowd through the glasses, as if by wearing it you reach a completely different world, where the gadget attached to your eyes shows a completely different view of the surroundings, this is called ‘virtual reality’. Initially, these items were used only for playing games, but now they are also being used in schools, where students can easily understand science subjects and concepts.

The Robot Will Become A Teacher

Yes! You may have heard the name of machine intelligence, there is also a special type of ‘machine learning’. These are special types of computer ‘algorithms’, which are used to teach computers with the help of data. So why can’t classroom, teacher and student data be used …? The computer is taught computer vision, natural language processing and domain knowledge to play the role of a standing teacher in the classroom, after which the robot knows each child separately, lectures and answers questions and controls children’s behaviors. Becomes an expert at doing. This field, however, is new and is developing rapidly.

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