Rats Issue: Some Amazingly Simple Tips To Keep Rats Out

You are looking for your important notes of your subject for exam preparation. But what is this???  Notes are sheared. And  big rats ran quickly out of the room just like he had won the victory.

With a heavy heart, you go to the kitchen to make some French fries to feel calm. But magically, a potato is already out of the basket, waiting for you.  It is half cut as well to make your work easy. 

But you have become angry instead of being happy.  Oh I see, there are teeth prints of the sharp cutter on the potato.  The Rats! 

You are looking for your shoebox and have found it as well. That is good but why does your mood turn to be furious? The ripped box is giving the message that there is somebody inside me. But what can be that?  Why did your eyes turn red with anger on removing the lid of the box? Ohh! There is an innocent rat in the box holding the strip of the shoe in the mouth. And that is not it. The small pieces of leather of your favourite shoe are also there in the box telling the story of the whole attack with tears.

 But don’t worry, now it’s your turn to offend the cute but cruel creature “The Rats”. 

So, here are some simple ways to get rid of rats.


Rats Issue: Some Amazingly Simple Tips To Keep Rats Out

Mint is best for the stomach & it keeps you healthy. Its fresh smell soothes you. Your love “mint” is hated most by the rats because of its smell. So, use mint leaves or peppermint oil at the entry points of the rats to keep them out of your sweet home.


Rats Issue: Some Amazingly Simple Tips To Keep Rats Out

Onion is another great food item you have in your home. It is part of almost all your food. Surprisingly, this major part of your food is a great tool against clever and mischievous rats. And not only against rats but for many other animals & insects. So, use this to tease your enemies, rats.  Simply, put the slice of onion on various entry points in your home. Keep changing the slice after two days to get rid of the naughty rats.


Cloves are there in your Masala box & you use them frequently to keep yourself healthy, happy, and fit. Well! That is good to know. But I have some good news for you. And that is; your favorite cloves can keep these annoying rats away. So, place a bunch of cloves in a muslin cloth near the rate holes and say them bye.

The cute nose of rats hates the strong scents. So, take advantage of this and use white vinegar to keep rats out. This white vinegar will turn the mood of rats red. 

Cocoa Powder

Rats Issue: Some Amazingly Simple Tips To Keep Rats Out

You like chocolate cakes and love baking. That’s great. It means you have cocoa powder in your kitchen. Right?? Keep enjoying your chocolate cakes but don’t let rates share your cake.  To do so, simply have some Plaster of Paris (hydrated calcium sulphate) and mix it with some Cocoa powder. Spread this amazing mixture at the reception and surprise the unwanted guests.  And rates will not come there to see you again.

Last but not least, Clean your home probably on a daily basis. As cleanliness is next to godliness. So, stay strong in touch with broom, mop, and detergents.  Your cleaning tools are your best friends indeed. It will not only keep rats away from your lovely home, but many other insects & unwanted animals will also stay away.

  So, Amazing Knowledge In & Cute but Annoying Rats Out.

Have a clean, healthy, peaceful life full of pleasure. Goodbye for now. Stay tuned

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