World Earth Day: Environmental Education Is Important

World Earth Day is being observed around the world today to raise awareness of the protection and love of our planet.

History Of World Earth Day:

World Earth Day was first observed in 1970. This was a time when environmental awareness was slowly emerging. People were watching air pollution and other environmental hazards closely.

The main purpose of celebrating this day is to draw the attention of the international community to the issues related to the protection of the planet and environmental pollution.

Earth Day Theme

The theme for World Earth Day this year’s day is Climate Action. Climate action means reducing greenhouse gas emissions, increasing resilience to the effects of climate change, reducing the damage caused by climate change, and taking concrete steps to develop effective strategies and policies for the environment. 

This year marks the 50th anniversary of World Earth Day. On this occasion, Google has also decorated its doodle on the same theme.

Protect Our Species On World Earth Day

The industrial development of human beings and the relentless use of environmental resources has put the lives of every living thing on earth at stake, whether they are different animals or trees and plants.

The presence of all the animals and plants on earth is very important for this earth and for human beings themselves. If even a single species of animal or plant comes to an end, it will affect the food cycle of the whole earth. And it will have the worst effect on all living things on earth, including humans.

A report was recently released by the London Zoological Society and the WWF. The report states that between 1970 and 2012, the world’s animal population declined by 58%.

The same is true of trees and forests. An estimated 18.7 million acres of forests are cut down worldwide each year.

What Can We Do To Protect The Earth?

Protecting your land and nature is not difficult. A few simple things that seem very common can sometimes cause harm to our environment.

If we do these little things in our daily lives. So of course we can play an important role in protecting our mother earth.

Turn off unnecessary lights. Also keep the buttons on different sockets closed. Sockets release energy due to open buttons which causes loss of power.

Plant where possible in your home and outside.

Use public transport as much as possible. This is important because each individual vehicle contributes to air pollution and toxic gases.

Instead of throwing away old newspapers, use them for various purposes. That way you can play your part in protecting the trees.

Garbage should be disposed of safely and littering should be avoided.

Use water carefully. Turn off the tap while brushing.

Eat more fruits and vegetables than meat. The production of fruits and vegetables does not harm our land. On the contrary, meat sources are the source of meat for us by eating different animals, trees and leaves.

Minimize waste of paper. Paper is made from trees, so avoid wasting paper. Use one page to write days.

Recycle various items, i.e. make them reusable.

Minimize the use of plastic items, especially bags. It is the biggest source of pollution in our environment. Use bags made of different eco-friendly materials instead.

Participate in eco-friendly activities around you.

Raise awareness about protecting the environment.

Train your children to be environmentally friendly from an early age.

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