Story Time


The mystery of the kidnapped girl written by Usman Rehan.

Anna John was a seven-year-old little girl, who lived with her parents in a big house in England. Her father was a very rich man. She was very fond of the big garden in her house and often played there for hours.

One day, Anne was playing in the garden as usual when two strange men broke in, put a sack over her head, and carried her off. Anne didn’t understand what had happened to her. While still in the sack, she heard the roar of trains. The men locked her in a room on a train and went off. Anne began crying out of fear. Anne missed her parents terribly. She soon became hungry and noticed some food lying beside her. Anne ate and then slept for a few hours. She was awakened by the noise of some men. They weren’t on the train anymore: they were in some sort of a house now.

When her parents discovered that she was not in the garden, they searched the whole house but still could not find her. Anne’s father got worried and immediately phoned the police. The police promised to do everything in their power to return Anne to them safely. A week passed by and still, there was no news of Anne’s whereabouts.

In Anne’s neighborhood, there lived a gang of five young detectives. They called themselves the “Mystery Solvers”. The five children often helped the police in solving different cases. Peter, Jane, John, Robert, and Roger decided to investigate Anne’s case. They went to her house first to look for any clues but were unable to find anything. The Mystery Solvers kept their ears open and perused the newspaper every morning in Search of any hint concerning Anne’s whereabouts.

Peter was the head of the “Mystery Solvers”. His father owned a clubhouse. The five children went there every year during their summer vacations. The children were going there this year too.

The clubhouse was situated in a remote and lonely place. Not a soul lived within miles of the place. When they reached the clubhouse, they noticed a derelict caravan from some distance of the clubhouse. The children had never seen a caravan at this place. They went over and entered the caravan. They were flabbergasted to find little Anne tied inside the caravan. The children quickly cut the ropes and called the police. The police soon arrived and waited for the kidnappers to come back to the caravan. The kidnappers were arrested as soon as they returned to the caravan. Anne was not hurt at all but was scared to death. Her parents were extremely happy to see Anne and thanked the Mystery solvers for their help.


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