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Revenge, Forgiveness And Greatness Story of A student

Revenge, Forgiveness And Greatness Story of A student written by Muhammad Faheem Aalam.

Owais and Osama were class fellows. Both were intelligent and active. There was always a tough competition between the two in each and every exam, and always Osama was the first position holder with Owais being the runner up. Owais tried his best to get the first position but could not. Continuous failures in the competition made Owais angry and jealous.

In the midterm exams, Owais was determined to get the first position. But when the result was announced, nothing changed as Osama, got the first position as always. This infuriated Owais and he decided to take revenge. He promised himself, he would stop Osama’s continued success. He would take every step that he could, irrespective of good or bad and consulted with his friend Akram. It is a wonderful plan if it works out, said Akram! But be careful Owais, as it all depends on you. Owais waited for the final exams.

At last, the exam started and today was the last paper. Owais after solving his question paper went to the invigilating teacher and handed his answer sheet in. Then as he was walking out he dropped a paper under Osama’s seat and went out of the examination hall. He did this carefully and no one saw what he did.

Owais Have A Plan Of Revenge

When the invigilating teacher came by Osama, he saw a convoluted paper under Osama’s seat. He picked up the paper. He was taken aback when he opened it as an answer to a question was written on it. The invigilating teacher became furious and said to Osama, …. you did this? I never expected this from you, Osama! Now you leave the examination hall immediately. As you have cheated; you are being failed in this exam.

Osama didn’t understand what the matter was and as he gradually understood the allegation he said, sir, I don’t know about this. Must be someone’s wickedness.

I picked the paper from under your seat, how can you say, you did not do this and it does not belong to you? No more excuses Osama, you have betrayed my trust!

Sir, please listen to me. You have to believe me. I didn’t do this. You can match my writing as well as my answer with the answer written on the paper you have found. If both match, I will accept the charges being applied. Please do not punish the innocent and Osama’s began crying.

As it was a logical explanation the teacher thought for a moment. He matched both answers and both were different. Then he matched the handwriting and both were different as well. Soon he understood what was going on and summoned Owais. When Owais entered the examination hall, fear was very visible on his face.

The teacher said, Owais, this is your wickedness!

In a trembling voice Owais replied, what … sir … what wickedness?

Don’t pretend that you don’t know anything. Your conspiracy has been exposed. Now admit your guilt. This handwriting is yours. You wrote this paper and tried to put the blame on Osama, but you have failed. Your punishment is that you are being failed in these exams.

No ….. no ….. no …. Sir, and started trembling even more with fear.

Sir, I have forgiven him. Please you also forgive him, uttered Osama.

Okay! I’m forgiving you as Allah SWT loves those who forgive! But first, apologize to Osama, said the teacher.

No sir, there is no need for Owais to apologize. He is my friend, my brother. I have no complaint and hold no grudge against him.

Osama stepped forward and hugged Owais.

Tears from Owais eyes were running down his cheeks. But these tears were of shame and apology.

Revenge, Forgiveness And Greatness Story of A student

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