Story Time

The Magical Bat

The Magical Bat Story was written by Moiz Hussain.

Heavy Rain and flickering lightning covered the yellow-grey sky. Sometimes the rain smelled like the sea and sometimes like soil. Abraham and his friends were on a treasure-hunting trip. They all hid in a hut to avoid getting any trouble. The rain was getting heavier and lightning was striking again and again.

“See, I told you guys not to stay here for so long. You guys just ignored me. This hut would be broken down anytime.” Abraham said.

Not no more than two minutes after, the hut was broken down and the boys nearly escaped it.

Abraham shouted. “Help me! I don’t like thundering.”

“Believe in Allah. He’ll let us find some way out. Just don’t give up” One of Abraham’s friends said.

The rain suddenly stopped and Abraham and his friends began their travel again. Once again it started heavy rain and Abraham was feeling scared. They had no hut this time to take shelter as they came too far to go back.

“Someone please help us! We’re in big trouble” Abraham cried again.

“I don’t think someone will come now to help us. It’s all over now, we all will die now! But one thing is for sure. If we’ll die we’ll die together! But we’ll never give up!”

 After some time, lightning was striking again.

“Is no one here on the Island to rescue us!?”

“I knew it! I knew it. You are here my dear favorite cricketer!” Abraham was very excited.

“What are you talking about?” His friends were confused.

“I just heard his voice,” Abraham told them.

“He’s the greatest cricketer of the generation! Abraham Benjamin De Villiers! And I bet he’s here, but why I can’t see him!”

“Don’t make us laugh, please. AB won’t come here. Maybe you’re a big fan of him so you heard some voice inside yourself and you’re thinking that voice was for real because not any of us heard that.”

Abraham was disappointed now. Lightning strikes and a bat came down from the clouds.

“Yes! Its kookaburra bat! The bat AB uses! And I bet now that he’s here!”Abraham shouted and jumped in excitement.

“This is a magical bat. It’ll help you out in your adventure!”

A strange voice was heard. Abraham took his steps and waved the bat. His friends were shocked as the rain stopped.

“Wow, It’s a magical bat!” Abraham said.

The magical bat pointed on an Area and all of them went there. They found a treasure inside it. They opened it and found a paper inside it.

“What could be written on it?” Abraham was about to read it but suddenly there was a power cut.

“Damn! I was curious about what’s written on it! Anyway, it was really enjoying playing this game.”

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