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Grandfather’s Hidden Treasure That Will Never End

Grandfather’s hidden treasure that will never end. What did Thomas Walton do?
Life is so unpredictable that there are things we never expect. This leads us to the path where we fulfill our destiny! Thomas Walton was a boy whose destiny took him to the hidden treasures of his grandfather, who is never old.

Thomas Walton was born with a silver spoon in his mouth but after the mysterious death of his grandfather, his family lost all their wealth. His grandfather was a pirate and fond of riddles and fun. He had buried his treasure somewhere.

As time passed by, young Thomas turned into a handsome man. Thomas’s parents sent him to his grandfather’s island where their lost fortune was buried.

Thomas unaware of his fate went to that island with his cousin James Walton. As the two cousins went to that island they came to know about a lot of mysterious clues that led them towards their family fortune. Those clues further made them figure out the map and they went on to the next journey.

Clues and mysterious riddles led both the cousins towards a lighthouse. The lighthouse was full of an old shipwreck. They were shocked to see each piece of the shipwreck is telling a piece of the story. Both were trying to figure out and complete the story by joining pieces of the shipwreck in a proper sequence.


The story was completed. The story says, “Persons are dead but something which lasts forever are memories and time never changes for them. Treasure is always inside you and you just have to discover it yourself.”

The treasure was nothing but good memories that Thomas’s grandfather left for him. Those shipwrecks were his grandfather’s shipwrecks in which he sailed for the last time.

The treasure he left for his generation. Those were never good memories. Which motivates humans to move forward and to do something bigger. Life gives everyone at least a single chance to rediscover these lost memories. Good memories are more than diamonds. Which is nothing less than a treasure.

By: Anam Umair

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