How To Keep Ants Away From Your Home

Do ants hear? How they find Sugar in your Kitchen? Oh, my chocolate box is full of ants having a party. How do they call their friends to have a party in your chocolate box? Have they heard me when I was telling my mother that I am putting chocolates & sweets here? How to keep them away from your sweets?

Ant Don’t Have Ears

No, it isn’t actually the case. Surprisingly, ants don’t have ears & they can’t hear. So, stop deceiving the ants by announcing in a loud voice that I’m putting salt in this box (when you are putting sweets actually).

Now you might ask; then did they see me, when I was putting the sweets? 

Not at all. Ant have compound eyes but they can’t see your complete picture as you are a very big creature. They can’t see your actions.

Then what did happen? How could they invade my sweets? This question might be revolving in your head.

Let me tell you. Amazingly, ants have a very strong sense of smellThat’s why they have found your sweets. And their sense of taste is good too. Well! There is not a single ant at your place. Many families of ants are there but not at the same spot. Then how did one ant call all the others?

Do Ants Have A Wireless Device?

Good question. Ant really has a wireless communication system but their device is quite different from yours. They communicate with a chemical called ”pheromone”. So, this is the reason how they can invade your sweets with a full army, not alone.

But don’t worry! You can keep ants away from your sweets.  

Here are simple home tips for that.

How To Keep Ants Away From Your Home

You have plenty of salt in your kitchen. Isn’t it? Simply use salt to sway the ants away. Ants hate salt as much as they love sweets. So, simply sprinkle salt on entry points of ants.

You love mint, and its sauce is your favorite food item. Right? So, what are you waiting for? Enjoy mint sauce and have an efficient digestive system. Just do one more thing. Put some fresh mint in your kitchen cabinet. Keep it fresh & kick the ants out.


Your winter is incomplete without orange. And you can’t enjoy the summer without lemonade. True? Well! It is good to have lemon & orange. Surely, enjoy it. But do one thing. Don’t throw the peels in the garbage instead put the peels in your kitchen at different points. It is the best ant repellent because they dislike its smell.

There is white vinegar in your refrigerator. Right? Amazingly, you have instant ants repellent in your own home. Do a simple thing. Add an equal amount of water and vinegar to a bottle. Use this spray to get rid of your sweet’s enemies “Ants”.

Pepper spray is another fair method to keep the ants away. So, have a good meal with sweets as ants will not come to join you because pepper spray will not let them in.

How To Keep Ants Away From Your Home

Garlic is always there in your kitchen to keep you healthy and strong. That’s good enough. Eat healthy food and stay healthy. But share a little bit of garlic with your ant. Ant will not like to have anything from you anymore. 

So, A Very Sweet Goodbye “Ant”.

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