If Lizards Irritate You How To Get Rid Of Them

Are you afraid of lizards? Their clever shining eyes staring at you, wiggling tail, and body posture ready to jump on you…? 

 Every time you go to bed to enjoy sweet dreams, suddenly a naughty lizard appears on the roof, determined to make your dreams horrible and freak you out.

The time you go to the garden to have fresh air and a sound walk, all of a sudden, your eyes get stuck on the large lizard on the tree trunk, perfectly camouflaged with an evil smile.

 During the day, you stay busy, playing with your dog in a full fun mode, and suddenly your dog runs behind a cringing creature. Before the time you come to some conclusion, your dog is back with a lizard in his mouth…. argh

 The time you mop the floor of your room and suddenly you hear of something falling on the floor. What is that……???? Your enemy Lizard is here to irritate you. You strike hard on the lizard to kill it, but its tail is there dancing on the floor to check your level of patience & the rest of the lizard escapes. So, teasing???

And it makes you more Furious when you see the same Lizard back after some days having the tail. Is it magic?? Not at all… Lizards have the ability to regenerate its tail. Infect, it detaches its tail intentionally when caught, to save the rest of the body.

Clever daunting creature!

Do not worry…

 Now, it’s your time to tease the lizards…

Here is how you can do that.

Simple Home Tricks To Get Rid Of Lizards

 It is surprisingly easy. Lizards have a strong sense of smell. You can use their ability against them. Here are some simple home tricks to do so…

If Lizards Irritate You How To Get Rid Of Them

You are a coffee lover, aren’t you?? But your enemy lizard hates coffee. So, simply mix coffee powder with tobacco powder & say “Bye” to house lizards.

If Lizards Irritate You How To Get Rid Of Them

Your major food item onion is useful to keep lizards away from you. So, don’t wait. Simply chop the onion into slices and hang it in different places in your house.

If Lizards Irritate You How To Get Rid Of Them

 You can be a pepper and spices lover, but pepper spray is the best way to tease your house lizards. So, have a spicy lunch happily & keep lizard away. Don’t let it share your lunch. But share pepper with it, not in food but in the form of a spray.


You may like to have fried eggs or boiled eggs for breakfast. Surely take it. It is healthy for you. So, enjoy your breakfast and use eggshells to get rid of lizards. The pungent smell of eggshells will make the lizard run away from you.

And last but not the least, keep your place clean. So clean, that no insect left there in your home. No mess means no insects. No insect means no food for Lizard. When there is no food for a lizard in your home, Lizard will not want to see you just like you don’t want to see it.

So, “Goodbye” Lizards

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  • Dear, I really liked your article. I used to be very confused about lizards and now I have found the solution in your article. Keep up the good content. Thanks
    Lubna shahzadi

    • Faiza Khalil

      Thank you for your valuable feedback Lubna


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