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Blogger: How To Be The Best Blogger?

The Internet and social media have changed the way people create, discover and communicate information. Therefore Now people are not just users of information, but they have become the creator of content. Blogger is present in this process of change. Anyone with a computer and internet facility can share their thoughts with the world through blogging. However It doesn’t cost anything to start a blog and then continue, so millions of people around the world are involved in the blogging process. There are free websites to create it.

What steps are needed to start and continue the blog? The following are the descriptions, first of all, think about why you want to create a blog. are you are aiming to bring news about your community or local people to others?

Are you a specialist in a particular subject?

Blogger: How To Be The Best Blogger?
How to be a Blogger

Think about the readers you want to access and try to find out what topics they are interested in. Politics, sports, entertainment, showbiz, cosmetics, clothing, science and technology, cooking, home-buying, shopping, common use items, electronics and business, all these are popular topics. Although these broad topics are very suitable for starting, most work blogs are usually limited to a specific topic or field. For example, instead of technology, all the updates in your blog can be on android-based updates. Instead of writing on a business-like broad topic, choose a branch that you have an interest or experience in. For example, instead of writing about another business, you might have to write about a new business that is being started in the medical technology sector.

A Platform for Blogs:

Blogger: How To Be The Best Blogger?

The next step should be to think about your blog’s platform, design, and name. Technology is always changing. Some people may just like to use Twitter as a 140-character microblog and some may want to use Instagram to quickly post pictures, links, and videos. But most people think that blogs are like a website where you can regularly express and post your thoughts. There are many free platforms available to enable you to start your work in minutes. Many bloggers pay a fee to a hosting company to better control the appearance of their blog and the articles they write on it.

As for design, there is a basic template of the most basic facilities that you can start your work with. There are also organizations that can buy thousands of templates to suit your style. If you want to adopt a unique style, you can create a website by getting the services of a graphic designer.

Be careful about two things:

First, the look and feel of your site should fit your theme. For example, gossip blogs about celebrities can use colorful and big headlines. The site can be serious about maintaining eco-friendly materials and pollution-free environments and light green images should be used.

Second, your blog should be designed to keep the maximum use of mobile devices in front of you. It’s not time for blogs to be just as good on mobile devices, but for those who start new sites, this feature is now essential.

Then select the name for your blog. Although giving the blog the best name in every respect is art and science, there are a few basic things: name must be something that is easy to remember, to play and to make it easy to do.

The name should not have numbers, and dash, or sign of space, and not be underlined.

 Do not use the brand name and trademark of the items or the items.

For many people, blogs are a kind of online diary that is a place where they express their views. However, this can help your readers if you’ve adapted your posts to the content you’re blogging. For Example:


Blogger: How To Be The Best Blogger?


If you are interviewing someone, post it in question and answer form.

Trying to teach or tell something:

If you want to teach or tell readers how to make an item, post the blog as a bullet of points.


 If you want to make others aware of your impressions of some of the most fascinating places, show readers the views of these places and listen to relevant sounds.


 If you want to make others aware of new things or creative things, give an honest opinion and invite readers to express their feelings.

Blog Format:

After you select the blog format, decide how often you will publish it. Once a day or twice a week, if you post your blog according to a regular schedule, it will make it easier for your readers to see new posts.

Most times your subject will determine your schedule. Therefore, your blog is related to sports, you can post about the cricket team you write about after each important match. If your topic is politics, you can post every week, in most parts of the year, every week. If there is a major election or a major political transition, you have to post several times daily.

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