Kitchen: How To Protect Food In The Kitchen?

The safety of essentials in the kitchen is an important issue; the same temperature is not required to store different food items. Some can be stored at low temperatures and some at high temperatures. It is also not necessary that all the germs present in it be killed during cooking. This also requires a special temperature. Below we would like to give you some tips about this.

What Is The Minimum Temperature?

The safest temperature for cooking all poultry is 165F, while the minimum temperature for making mutton, beef, roast and steak should be at least 145F. Fish can also be cooked at the same temperature. Do not serve any food after cooking. A three-minute break is required.

How To Heat Or Boil In The Microwave

It is common for people to ignore the correlation between setting the temperature and timing in the microwave. Someone wants to give more voltage in less time and someone wants less voltage in more time. When heated, the temperature in the microwave should reach 165F. This requires compliance with microwave recommended standards. It is not advisable to serve it immediately after cooking in the microwave. Leave it for a few minutes. It is possible that some parts do not reach the right temperature when heating food. This goal can be achieved by keeping it for some time.

How To Use The Refrigerator In The Kitchen?

Care must be taken when storing products in the refrigerator. The normal temperature of the refrigerator should be between 32F and 40F. This difference in temperature can be harmful to food. Items stored between 40F and 140F can be damaged. At temperatures between 40F and 140F, bacteria can damage food very quickly. Therefore, storing food and beverages at this temperature should be avoided.

Avoid keeping any fruit or vegetable at room temperature for two hours, even in the car. Keeping fruits and vegetables for more than an hour and poultry for more than half an hour can be harmful. They should also be used quickly. Cooked foods stored for more than four days should be used immediately.

Raw meat can be refrigerated for one to two days, but not for long. The temperature of the freezer should always be below zero. Items kept at temperatures above zero are prone to damage.

Many people keep fruits, milk, eggs and meat in the refrigerator for several days. According to the US Department of Health’s Central Bureau of Disease Control (CDC), refrigerated fruits and vegetables, eggs and milk should be consumed within two hours. If the temperature of the outdoor environment, ie the temperature of the kitchens is higher than 90F, it is more appropriate to refrigerate them for one hour. When refrigerating, cover with lukewarm milk or something that does not affect the temperature. The refrigerator must be cleaned once a week.

Because of these tips in the kitchen, we can protect food.

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