5 Habits Of Ramadan That Is Destructive To Health

Ramadan has begun. While many people benefit greatly from this month, there are also many people who make their health worse due to bad habits. Bad eating habits also increase during this month. This can have a detrimental effect on the skin. But it’s not too late. Do these five things in Ramadan and protect your health.

Exercising immediately after Iftar:

Exercising immediately after Iftar

If exercising is your favorite hobby, know that doing it immediately after Iftar is not good for your health. In Ramadan, our body system changes, and exercising immediately after Iftar can cause bone pain. It is best to exercise before dawn.

Drinking cold drinks at Iftar:

Iftar is the first meal after a full day of fasting, and drinking cold drinks during this time can cause wrinkles on the face. That is why it is best to use water or lemon water in Iftar. Cold drinks not only damage your face but are also extremely harmful to the stomach.

Don’t eat sehri:

It is very difficult to wake up at sehar. But everyone knows how our food cycle works in Ramadan. When you skip breakfast, eat properly once every 24 hours. It is not good for your health because when you do not feed your body your skin will wither. In any case, consider sehri necessary, even if it is a glass of milk or plain bread.

Sleep immediately after Sehar:

5 Habits Of Ramadan That Is Destructive To Health

Not only in Ramadan but at any time immediately after eating something to sleep is harmful to health. This habit can be more harmful in Ramadan because our body gets food too late. This habit can lead to weight gain and heart disease. Make sure you go to bed at least one hour after Sehar.

Excessive use of salt in Ramadan:

5 Habits Of Ramadan That Is Destructive To Health

Salt is used a lot in dishes eaten in Ramadan. Then there are chickpeas or salty lassi, but too much salt can lead to dehydration. For this, use bananas as much as possible so that the body gets more potassium than sodium.

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