Things In The House That Can Make You Sick

There are some things available in the house that we use on a daily basis. Despite daily use, cleaning many places is not considered necessary. It causes colds, flu, coughs, stomach aches, and other problems. We all know that germs enter our bodies and make us sick and in spite of all kinds of cleanliness, these germs still enter our bodies. In this article, we will provide information about these everyday things used at the house.

Mobile Phone

Things In The House That Can Make You Sick

Mobile phones are a necessity in today’s world. It happens to everyone at all times and in all places. Many people do not shy away from taking it to the bathroom. Mobile phones contain ten times more germs than toilets. In fact, it can be infected with a bacterium called E. coli, which can cause diarrhea and stomach upset and pain. These germs can stay in a warm place for hours like your mobile phone. That’s why whenever you go to the bathroom, don’t forget to wash your hands with soap before taking your mobile phone.

Remote Control

Things In The House That Can Make You Sick

Remote control is in everyone’s hands and especially the children who come from anywhere do not forget the remote. They put it in their mouths and slap it on the ground. Sometimes lying on the sofa, sometimes under the bed. For all these reasons, the germs that spread the disease begin to grow in it. So clean the remote daily with antibacterial wipes.

Computer Keyboard

Things In The House That Can Make You Sick

Computers are used in almost every home today. While working on the computer, watching movies and other videos, eating and drinking there, and using hands-on a permanent keyboard, germs grow in its keys. So clean the keyboard with a cleaner and a cotton ball to keep it sterile.

Dishwashing Sponge

Things In The House That Can Make You Sick

You will surely be amazed at how germs can get into dish washing sponge as it is a means of self-cleaning. But that is a fact. That’s why you should wash the dishes and clean the sponge every time. If it starts to smell, understand that it’s time to change it.

Toothbrush Holder

Even when the toothbrush is placed in the holder after washing, a lot of toothpaste is left in it which causes germs. The bacteria that grow in it are transmitted to you by your touch. So don’t forget to wash it. Any good dishwasher can easily clean it.


Money that reaches you through everyone’s hands and thousands of different types of germs are found in them. You don’t know what kind of hands they have come to you. So, whenever you touch the money, don’t forget to wash your hands.


You can touch your handbag as cleanly as you want. But the transmission of germs from wherever you go and keep your handbag is not surprising. Germs are usually found on floors and counters. Try to hang your bag wherever you go and clean it with antibacterial wipes.


The toothbrush cleans your mouth, allowing germs in the mouth to pass easily to the brush. Because the toothbrush is present in the bathroom, it is attacked by germs anyway. That’s why always keep the brush capped and washed thoroughly.


Towels are used to wash hands, but germs are found in large numbers. Each person in the house should have a separate towel. It is better to use a tissue than to wash your face and wipe with a towel. If you use a towel after washing your head, never use it again.


Everyone in the house uses the same hairbrush. This can cause dryness of the scalp and other problems with the hair and scalp. So try to separate the hairbrush or wash and use it daily.


It is not right to sleep on the same pillow cover every day and use the same pillow for years. The germs found in pillows can make you sick. Even if not every day, change the cover of the pillow at least every other day so that you can avoid germ attacks.

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