How does the Air Quality Index work?

The air quality index in Pakistan has shown signs of improvement in the atmosphere, mainly due to the lockdown caused by the outbreak of Corona in many cities of the country.

Across the country, where all forms of transport are scarce, the climate of Lahore and other cities has been seen to improve due to lack of work in factories and other industries.

In the normal days where our atmosphere is contaminated with dust, it contains various chemical elements, gas, solid particles and smoke, which have different methods and standards for measuring the number and quantity.

The final report on air pollution is released only after scientific examination of the proportion of these substances in the air.

This scale is called the air quality index, which needs to know how it works and the statistics on which air pollution reduction or increase reports are released.

To determine the ratio of air pollution, the system includes a device that acts like a thermometer. It ranges from zero to five hundred degrees.

Experts point out that if the results of this scale are calculated from zero to fifty degrees, we consider it to be the correct proportion of gases in the air.

If for some reason the ratio is fifty to one hundred degrees, it will be said that the amount of gases is higher than normal, but to the experts, it is not harmful to the health of life on earth.

According to scientists, if the proportion of gases in the air reaches one hundred and fifty, it can become a problem for those who suffer from any type of allergy and physical weakness. This ratio can also affect children and older people.

If this thermometer or air ratio on a particular system is going from 150 to 200 it is a danger to the environment.

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