Story Time

The New Sun Rise

Seth Abdul Majeed was a renowned industrialist of Provencal capital. He has a couple of textile mills in the industrial zone of the city. Seth has a wife and a son studying in meanwhile his wife was supervising an N.G.O for the welfare of the labor community. He used to celebrate New Year’s night every year. This year he also arranged a New Year night party in a hotel lawn well decorated and invited V.VIPS, VIPS, and friends of business community circle. The party activity comprises of threefold. In the beginning, New Year cake is to be cut by the president of the chamber of commerce. Thereafter dinner was arranged for the entire guest and concluded session is a music show.

Seth Abdul Majeed returns home at two past thirty, the chowkidar open the gate and car drove to the parking area. While going towards the living room, he heard some crying which shocked him severely and instead of going into the living room, persuaded the crying. He ascertained that the crying is coming from servant quarters behind the villa. To fetch the reality he moves towards servants quarters. While passing through the villa a window light engages his attention and he steps forward calmly. He stands behind the window and heard him crying very carefully.

He realized that Baba Nawaz bowed before Almighty Allah and submitting before Him ALLAH as:

“O, My Allah you are a creature of all the universe, animals, birds, and human beings and dignity/sorrow are under your control. It is up to you to bless the human being or not. My Allah, I was enjoying your blessings in the past and did not maintain-your teaching owing to personal ills. I have employed a hundred servants in the past and now-a-day is a servant of others because of certain dis-obeisance.

Seth Abdul Majeed gathered that Baba Nawaz was a wealthy man in the past and not to cook by birth.

Baba Nawaz continues the pray and confess, it is days who made me cook due to my own faults. I have not made any complaint or blame you at all. My Allah, I am thankful to you in any circumstances. My past is full of dis-obeisances and thankfulness for your blessings. O, My Allah, I confessed all these regrets and beg-forgiveness. I understand that ever forgiveness is under your control and I pray for it, In view of your kindness towards your creatures. He also stressed that in future I will never dis-obey your teaching rather implement them with utmost zeal and spirit.

Baba Nawaz concluded the pray with crying and weeping which effect to Seth Abdul Majeed. Fajr Adhan has also begun and Baba Nawaz stands for Fajr prayer. Seth Abdul Majeed returned to the villa with heavy heart boarding over the circumstances of his and Baba Nawaz. Seth, therefore, realized that some accident may change his life at par to Baba Nawaz. He immediately takes a decision that henceforth, he has not carried out any event against the teaching of Islam and be obedient to Allah. He made ablution and offer Fajar prayer and thanked the Allah who put him on the righteous path through Baba Nawaz. Seth Abdul Majeed maintained their words and became a noble name of the community.

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