World Friendship Day: Friend Is A Medicine For Pain

Today is World Friendship Day. The purpose is to highlight the importance of friendship. Its official celebrations began in 1958 in Paraguay. April 27, 2011, the UN General Assembly decided to observe this day on July 30 every year. The purpose of celebrating this day is to further strengthen the bonds of friendship and to cultivate friendship among other societies, countries and nations in the present age of instability and chaos. Reduce the ongoing conflicts between different nations.

World Friendship Day Significance

The importance of friends has never been denied on world friendship day. Every human being in every age wants a sincere and true friend. In today’s fast-paced life, this day is even more important. Friendship is one of the dearest relationships of man and the man in the world is poor who does not have a single sincere friend.

World Friendship Day: Friend Is A Medicine For Pain

Friends are very important in a person’s life. The company of friends plays an important role in building a person’s thoughts and personality.

The Significance of friends cannot be underestimated even in bad and difficult times. These are the friends that make you have a hard time in your life. On World Friendship Day, friends become even more important for those who are lonely or do not have good family relationships.

A Study Of Friendship

People with a larger circle of friends feel less pain, according to a study from Oxford University. Research has shown that people who have more friends have better pain tolerance.

In fact, people who talk to more friends have higher levels of endorphins (a chemical produced in the body’s central nervous system) which makes them feel less pain.

World Friendship Day: Friend Is A Medicine For Pain

Endorphins are chemicals that are released naturally during strenuous exercise, emotional turmoil and pain. This substance is associated with emotions that reduce the feeling of pain and give a feeling of contentment and ease.

Few Important Rules For Making Friends on World Friendship day

You don’t learn to make friends in school. You can tell your friend the pain you can’t tell anyone. Good friends are needed at every turn in life. A good friend is sad about your failures and happy about your success. Just as it is important to be good friends, it is just as important to avoid bad company. Friends influence your life and character and become your introduction.

When extending a hand of friendship to someone, take care of the following:

The Friend Is The One Who Brings Calm

A good friend brings you peace of mind. You feel comfortable spending time with him. Forget all your worries. In the present age when people are entangled in mental anxieties, a best friend is like a cool shadow for you. People who add to your worries can never be good friends.

Relationship Of Trust

World Friendship Day: Friend Is A Medicine For Pain

We sometimes tell friends what we can’t tell anyone else. A good friend is also a good confidant. Make friends with someone you can easily discuss even the most complex issues in your life. If your friend is good, he will give you good advice.

Friendship Is Selfless

When we have a relationship with someone, there must be some reason. Friendship is selfless. A good friend is one of the best riches in the world who is with you without any personal interest.

Companion Of Pain

It is said that true friendship is found only in difficult times. A good friend stays with you in every good and bad time; he does not leave you in difficult situations. Sometimes they don’t support you in your own difficult times. But if you are blessed with a good friend, you are certainly not alone.

Quit The Battle Of Ego And Stubbornness

To improve your relationship, you should give up bad habits like stubbornness and ego so that you do not lose your best friend. A good friend is like a diamond. If a diamond breaks, it is not possible to restore it to its original form. If you have good friends, appreciate them because if a friendship breaks down, it can’t be removed.

Stay Away From Useless Friends On World Friendship Day

Experts say that because our friends have a huge impact on our lives. So if we want to be successful in our life, we have to get rid of our worthless friends.

Gary Weinrich, an American businessman, says that 5 people close to us have a huge impact on our own lives.

If these 5 people are positive thinking, enlightened, successful and prosperous then all these qualities will come into our lives.

On the contrary, if these people are negative thinking, crying, complaining about everything, looking at the negative aspects and ungrateful, then we will also subconsciously adopt these habits.

People with such habits never succeed in life. Therefore, the grievances of such people continue for ages. If we make them an integral part of our lives, it will inevitably affect our lives as well.

Gary says that spending time in the company of positive thinking people also fills you with energy, enthusiasm and passion. That Friend motivates you to do new things, and to bring old things to fruition.

On the contrary, spending time in the company of negative-minded people can make you feel anxious, frustrated and confused. You also start to feel helpless.

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