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Severe Vitamin D Deficiency: The Patient Maybe in Corona

After studying global data on coronavirus epidemics, researchers and scientists have found a strong link between vitamin D deficiency and COVID-19 mortality.

They analyzed the data of patients in at least 10 countries, and their findings reveal some mysterious signs about the virus, including why young children are not likely to be infected with COVID 19.

Low vitamin D is equivalent to a high mortality rate of COVID 19.

Severe Vitamin D Deficiency The Patient Maybe in Corona
Severe Vitamin D Deficiency The Patient Maybe in Corona

The research was led by North Western University using data from clinics and hospitals in the United States, Britain, Switzerland, Spain, South Korea, Iran, Italy, Germany, France, and China.

He noted that some patients with COVID 19 mortality rates, such as the United Kingdom and Spain, had lower vitamin D levels than those who were not severely affected. However, the researchers advised everyone that this does not necessarily mean that people with known deficiencies will need to start stockpiling supplements.

“While I think it’s important for people to know that vitamin D deficiency can play a role in death rates, we don’t need to put vitamin D on everyone,” its lead researcher, Vidam Backman, told Science Daily. This requires further study, and I hope our work will generate interest in this sector. Statistics can also highlight the methods of death, if proven, can lead to new targets for treatment.

The team saw a significant correlation

Backman and his entire team were encouraged to test and test vitamin D levels after seeing an undefined difference in COVID-19 mortality rates from different countries. A handful of people have also observed that these differences in the population, the quality of health care, and the different stress or test rates of the Coruna Virus can be criminal. However, Backman is still a stoic.

‘None of these factors play a major role. The health care system in northern Italy is one of the best systems in the world. There are differences in mortality rates, even if all groups of the same age are seen. And, while the restrictions on testing are really different, the difference in mortality is still there, even when we look at countries or populations for which similar test rates apply. Instead, we saw a significant correlation with vitamin D deficiency,’ Backman explained.

Backman also noted that people should not take too much vitamin D because it has negative side effects on the body. When it’s the COVID- 19 If you come to protect yourself from complications, this whole article needs more research to know where and where vitamin D can actually be used.

Ali Daneshkhah is the first author of this article, while Backman is a Walter Dale Scott Professor of Biomedical Engineering at the McCormick School of Engineering in Northwest. The research is available on medRxiv, a pre-patent server for health sciences, according to Science Daily. The pre-defined studies have not been reviewed.

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