Rainy Season: Enjoy the Rain but Caution Is Required

As soon as the rainy season begins, the mood becomes happier. After months of intense heat, the rains have begun. After the heat, cool breezes and raindrops are pleasing to everyone and everyone wants to enjoy it. But at the same time, the rainy season brings with it diseases and disasters. Rain is a blessing but if we are not careful it becomes a nuisance.

Home Care Essential

When the rainy season is approaching, inspect the entire house and close the cracks and holes in the walls or ceiling. Cover outdoor electrical boards and wiring with plastic to protect against electric shocks or fires.

Disease Protection

There is a risk of spreading diseases during the rainy season. Saline and heat in the rain cause more bacteria to grow and diseases to spread. These include colds, coughs, fevers and diarrhea. In addition, mosquitoes breed in rainwater, which causes malaria and dengue. In this case, take special care of house cleaning and spray mosquito and insecticide daily. Do not fill pots, boxes or buckets with water at home as there is a risk of mosquito breeding.

Don’t Eat Outside Food At All

Rainy Season: Enjoy the Rain but Caution Is Required

Avoid outdoor foods, especially stalls and outdoor foods. Lick, sandwiches, fried things, gola ganda, qalfi which are very tempting to eat. The presence of bacteria in them causes digestive disorders. In the rainy season, most people get sick by eating such things. Greasy, salty and sour foods increase the amount of water in the body. Eat freshly cooked food at home. Make clean, delicious dishes at home depending on the rainy season. Use broth and yakni as they do not cause heaviness in nature.

Children Care

Children are fond of getting wet in the rain, so they are susceptible to early infections. If children get wet in the rain, bathe them with normal water and also give antiseptic medicine. Do not allow children to eat junk food. Along with children, the elderly also need special care. Older people should not leave the house immediately after the rain because walking outside can cause them to slip, which can cause them serious injury. Keep all the necessary medicines at home so that you don’t have to go out in the rain when needed.

Avoid Electric Shocks

Do not touch the wet switch at home or outside, ring the door instead of ringing the doorbell. Do not touch the pool on the street. If electrical wires, and especially any wires, fall, avoid approaching them and report them immediately to the electrical office. We pray that the rains that start in our city will be a blessing and no one will be harmed by them.

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