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The Leaf of Paradise “The Sunnah Story”

Oh, what did you say, Leaf of Paradise? The eyes of the three siblings twinkled out of happiness and astonishment.

Yes, of course, the Leaf of Paradise, replied their mother smilingly.

But my beloved mother, Paradise is with Allah Almighty, so how it is possible that a leaf of paradise came in this world, exclaimed little Hamna. Who was the youngest of the three siblings Hanzla, Muhammad and little Hamna were sitting beside their mother after Isha prayer as usual?

Daily their mother related to them moral oriented stories in addition to the stories about Ashaba Karam(RA) and Tabaeen(RA). Due to this practice of their mother, the three children from early childhood were very knowledgeable, prayed their five-time prayers daily, paid respect to their teachers, elders, and obeyed their parents.

Today when they came to their mother. She said, today I shall relate you to the story of “The leaf of paradise’’. The leaf was found by a man in this world. They were all taken aback to hear this.

Yes, really, in fact, it is not possible that the articles relating to paradise may come out of it, nobody is able to see them in this world, therefore, it is said that Allah Almighty provided such wonderful gifts which were never seen by any eye and nobody heard about them.

Moreover, nobody was able to think about these gifts but Allah Almighty can do anything he desires. Allah Almighty made arrangement to show the leaf of the paradise to his man in this world.

Mother paused for a moment, to see that the three siblings were listening to their mother very attentively.

There was a companion of our beloved Prophet (PBUH) namely Hazrat Shreek Bin Habban (RA).

Once he went to take water for wudu from a well. When he put the dip-bucket into the well, the rope broke. He had to climb down into the well to retrieve the dip-bucket and was taken aback as there was a door at one side of the well. Then he saw a lush green garden. He went through the door to the garden and wandered here and there. Then he plucked a leaf from a tree and tucked it behind his ear and came out of the well. He shared this event with his friends. They also wondered and many of them got down in the well but nobody was able to see the door. At last, the caliph of Muslims Hazrat Umer (RA) was informed about this event.

He (RA) heard the whole story and said, observe the leaf, should it dry or remain green. If it remains green, it definitely is a leaf from paradise because anything of paradise would never change its shape or color.

And actually, it did not change its shape or color, it remained the same. Moreover, this well is situated on the left side in Masjid-e-Aqsa and it is called “ Bear-ul-Warqa.” As soon as mother paused again little Hamna asked, Mother, is it Masjid-e-Aqsa which is situated in Palestine?

Yes…! My dear child, our beloved Prophet (PBUH) also endorsed this event saying that a man of my ummah will definitely enter in paradise on foot in a worldly state!

The three siblings looked at their mother with wonder, as she explained and told them all about it.

The leaf of Paradise written by Muhammad Faheem Aalam.

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