An Open Letter From The Son Of A Doctor To The Public

I am Shaheer Haider, the son of a doctor. I am writing this letter while sitting at the study table in my room. I am trying to explain what we have to endure due to this contagious disease Coronavirus which has spread all over the world.

Every morning I see my mother with a cheerful and positive smile because I know she is not only a doctor but also a front line warrior on the battlefield who saved many lives. I am proud of my mother. My heart beats faster when I hear from my mother the daily happenings in the hospital, how she fought the battle of life during fatigue and long duty and saved her life. It is no less honor for me to have her child.

But few of you will know what a painful fear we feel like a family of doctors and other paramedics. Every morning when I say goodbye to him, it is very difficult to put into words the heaviness of my heart. I know my mother is directly exposed to infected, critically ill patients and she may have an infection.

Life Is An Invaluable Gift From Allah

Life Is An Invaluable Gift From Allah, which must be saved. But my mother’s life is also precious, especially for me. Today, all medical professionals are fighting the coronavirus.

I have a real problem observing that people do not follow the instructions of doctors and paramedics. The precautions they describe. They don’t even think about it. Eid is also approaching and the rush of people in the bazaars is on the rise.

It breaks my heart to see so many medical personnel martyred in the line of duty. This is the biggest problem for us. I wish we could imagine the pain of others and help minimize that pain.

Stay Home And Be Safe

The only way to get my mother home safely every day is for others to stay at home, and prevent the disease from spreading. I urge the entire nation to “Stay Home And Be Safe” so that we can bring our doctors and parents back safely.

I pray that this epidemic will end soon and we will all be able to live in harmony, health, and security.

Son of a doctor

Shaheer Haider

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