Eid: My Dreams Stories And My Perspective

My Eid is inspired by fictional stories and fictional characters. Just for Eid, I want to imagine hanging out with my brothers like Hansel and Gretel. We would get a house made of pastries, chocolates and all kinds of stuff. We ate spicy food and enjoyed it to the fullest.

“What do you think of the witch who trapped Hansel and Gretel?” This may be the question you are all thinking about. Well, the answer is, I’ve read fairy tales, so I know how to break the spell.

Like Alice, I’ve been to Wonderland for Eid. Certainly there will be no signs of lockdown. And I will meet all the beasts that speak, and I will hear their voice, and I will speak my words. I will look at those things in amazement. I’m playing cricket with Flamingo and enjoying tarts. Someone will wake me up from a dream-like Alice wakes up from her dream in the story.

As you can see, if there’s one big thing about imagination, it’s that when you imagine, you can become anything or anything you want to be. In fact, I’m not as beautiful, confident, or as rich as I see myself in my dreams. But still when I look at myself in the mirror and look at Eid clothes, shoes, and accessories, I say to myself, ‘This is not bad either’!

I Made A Mistake

I made a mistake a year ago. During Ramadan, I made the mistake of pretending to be a soft-hearted princess and giving Eid clothes to my maid’s daughter. My mother was happy to find these clothes. Naturally, we could not take the clothes back from the maid. But the magic happened. My father got a great business deal and with the advanced money he received, he made all my dreams come true. I got designer stuff and branded items. I ate well on Eid and we went to many interesting places.

It made me realize that if you believe in them, the ideas are fulfilled. Most importantly, I learned that the real magic is in giving and sharing what you love. What you give finds a way to get back to you in a better way. It’s a magic trick that somebody knows.

Trust Me Or Not

It’s up to you whether you trust me or not. But dreams and imagination are an integral part of every boy’s life. When he has a dream, he seeks to fulfill it. However, the joys of Eid have their own magic and we should all learn to enjoy them to the fullest.

But this Eid, when things are a little different than usual and we won’t be shopping like before because of this lockdown, I’m working imaginatively to make the most of it.

I imagine myself like Rapunzel, locked in a tower and can only see through the window. But I’m more fortunate than Rapunzel because she had a witch for the company, while I have my family. And we have a lot of fun together. And on Eid we plan to video call all our family and friends and have a good time practically together!

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