Lungs Story During Corona And Lockdown

Refreshing and clean air is essential for our health and fitness, which flows through the lungs to our body.

If the lungs in our body are damaged or inefficient, we cannot breathe, which is sure to lead to death. While breathing in polluted air, various toxic substances enter our bodies and cause damage.

The coronavirus also infects the most important organ in our body, and when the body fails to cope with the virus and the lungs fail to perform their functions, human death occurs.

The same Coruna has been blocked in different cities of the world during which air index surveys showed that the climate in cities of different countries has been clean and the environment is improving and some of the air from gases, smoke, toxic and heavy materials can be used to clean up.

Experts say that breathing in the open air and fresh air protects you from the risk of various respiratory problems and illnesses.

Long and deep breathing provides the heart with the right amount of oxygen, while also strengthening the lungs and having a positive effect on their performance.

According to clinicians, deep breathing improves the immune system, reducing the risk of getting sick.

Taking all precautionary measures to avoid the Corona, you can also get rid of depression, anxiety while breathing longer and deeper in the air than before.

Researchers and psychologists say that deep breathing has a positive effect on the mental state, and this process, in particular, relieves depression.

Clean air, where the lungs power, strengthens there to gives the heart, which improves blood circulation.

Air pollution has become a serious problem worldwide and humans are suffering from a variety of disabilities, including a variety of physical and mental disorders, in these circumstances, the clean air is no less than a blessing for the lungs.

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