Cancer Survivors Day: What Is The Purpose Of This Day?

Today is Cancer Survivors Day. It is an epidemic that pervades every level of society in the world. Although there are ways to reduce this possibility. One person will be one in about 22 million people affected by it each year. But the causes of the plague are well understood. Each year, 450 men and women out of 100,000 are diagnosed with one of the dozens of types of cancer. It kills 171 men and women.

Cancer Survivors Day is for those who have overcome the horrors of the disease and have risen again to live a full, happy life. It is time for people with similar stories and experiences to come together. Be and celebrate your strength and perseverance. Recognized and appreciated, this is not an easy feat and a milestone. The idea is not only to hope for a brighter future but also to show that life after being diagnosed with cancer can be a reality.

Why Was This Day Established?

Cancer Survivors Day: What Is The Purpose Of  This Day?

This day was established to recognize and celebrate those who fought and defeated cancer. They will help give hope to those who are struggling with this terrible disease. While that number is alarming, there are far more hopefuls. In the United States alone, there are 14.5 million people who have beaten or are living with cancer, and 32 million worldwide. The numbers reflect great success, and the survival rate increases with each passing year.

Cancer hangs over the minds and hearts of most people as a death sentence, and the reaction to what you know is obvious. But both cancer patients and their families need to know that it is far from helpless. Treatment is proving to be more effective, and there are groups around the world that support cancer patients and their families. They come together to help with treatment and rehabilitation.

This day is also dedicated to the treatment of cancer and raising awareness among the people. The battle with cancer is not over and, in fact, it is still going on. With the efforts of organizations such as the National Cancer Survivors Day Foundation and the American Cancer Association, cancer treatment is nearing completion.

Cancer Can Be Defeated

Cancer Survivors Day: What Is The Purpose Of  This Day?

This is not only a day to celebrate the survivors. But also an opportunity for thousands of people to be impressed by the recent diagnosis that cancer can be overcome and defeated. Consider offering help to survivors and families and everywhere else who are suffering from this life-changing illness.

Defeating cancer is definitely a milestone in celebration and a reason to bring loved ones together. There are many ways to focus on cancer. Through which they are fighting and now living a useful and inspiring life. This is an opportunity to connect with a common enemy. Attention should also be paid to the ongoing challenges of cancer prevention. Reasons for hope and happiness should also be highlighted. If tears come out while talking to the survivor, understand that these can be tears of both sorrow and joy.

Best Way To Celebrate Cancer Survivors Day

The best way to celebrate this day is to raise funds and take time out of your busy schedule to help them. Anyone can do this by participating in events all over the country and the world. In the local area, a special ceremony should be held in honor of the cancer survivors. Take some time today to make them feel happy and congratulate them on their survival. Bring hope to other people with cancer anywhere.

There are additional ways to honor a cancer survivor on the occasion of Cancer Survivor Day. For example, someone might mail a greeting card with words of encouragement and compliments. Imagine surviving and sending a message to a loved one. In addition to sending a card, a person wants to pick up the phone and wish someone well and acknowledge their belongings. Also, anyone can celebrate by giving the survivor a lunch or coffee, a small gift of appreciation, or an immediate party with other survivors or close friends and family members.

If you consider yourself a cancer survivor, then you want to gather other survivors from a support group or that you know and congratulate each other. Let there be a time to rejoice in this shared experience and to help each other in the next phase of life.

Read books and read articles on the internet to learn more about cancer. There are resources available to people to talk to, and research to review that will help a person better understand the complexities of cancer and what they like to do to avoid it.

Purpose Of This Day

The purpose of this day is for us to come together and recognize that this was not an easy path, but the survivor is now living his life to the fullest. They have overcome the disease and now they can really celebrate the freedom that comes from being cancer-free.

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