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World’s First Foldable Laptop Is Now Available To Consumers

If you want to buy a foldable laptop, such a device is finally available to consumers.

Yes, if you want to buy a laptop instead of a foldable smartphone, you will love Lenovo’s ThinkPad X1 Fold.

The concept design was introduced in May last year and the company announced at the CES Technology Exhibition in Las Vegas in January this year that consumers will be able to buy it by the middle of this year.

But the Coronavirus epidemic has delayed its release and now the company says the ThinkPad X1 fold is available in pre-order.

World's First Foldable Laptop Is Now Available To Consumers
Photo courtesy of Lenovo

The laptop has a 13.3-inch flexible OLED touch screen display that splits into two 9.6-inch screens when folded.

The laptop also comes with a stainless steel foil that protects the screen from scratches and has a special coating on top.

However, the screen is so soft that it folds and folds easily.

The Lotus Unfold format makes the X1 Fold look like a tablet on which movies can be watched and web browsing can be done.

World's First Foldable Laptop Is Now Available To Consumers
Photo courtesy of Lenovo

On small folds, it is possible to view different content on screens at the same time using split-screen mode.

The company has provided a 5-megapixel IR camera on top of the display, while the Active Pan can be used to navigate or take notes on the laptop, along with Dolby stereo speakers.

When fully folded, the lower part can be used as a laptop keyboard while the upper part acts as a monitor, with a stand built-in inside the case on the back of the device.

Laptop Features

World’s First Foldable Laptop Is Now Available To Consumers

The laptop also comes with a physical mini-keyboard that can be pressed down to give the user a desktop experience and when unfolded, the keyboard can be placed in front of the display while the mouse can also be used.

When folded like a book, there is enough space to insert a keyboard inside, which becomes a sandwich between the two displays and can be charged in the same condition when not in use.

The laptop has 2 USB Type-C ports, while Dolby stereo speakers and a SIM card tray are also provided for LTE connectivity.

In areas where 5G coverage is available, the device will provide sub 6 GHz 5G speed support.

The laptop is powered by Intel Core processor Intel Hybrid technology designed specifically for foldable devices.

In addition, Intel UHD Generation 11 graphics card, 8 GB RAM and a TB super-fast storage are provided.

According to the company, the device has a Windows 10 Pro operating system that has been optimized for this computer.

The company claims that the laptop’s 50-watt battery can last up to 11 hours on a single charge, with a 65-watt power adapter for fast charging.

The device is pre-ordered for 2,499 dollars (over PKR 415,000).

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