World Teachers Day: Say My Greeting To The Teacher

World Teachers Day represents the great expression that teachers perform in the field of education. If parents raise children, teachers develop their minds and make them a future citizen.

World Teachers Day is celebrated every year on October 5, which began in 1994. The day when teachers are paid tribute, the issues they face are also being reviewed by UNESCO, UNICEF and other educational institutions.

Teachers are the core elements of a good education system, its spirit, and unless teachers get respect in society, they cannot perform their duties well.

World Teachers Day Purpose

World Teachers Day: Say My Greeting To The Teacher

The “World Teachers Day” is also aimed at defining the work of teachers, improving the work of teachers, opportunities in education, and assessing the problems faced by teachers.

A teacher is undoubtedly a man who allocates his time, resources, courage and power to improve another human being. If a teacher finds a qualified disciple, he makes him the king of the world.

Alexander’s example is alive in history. Alexander’s words are as in the history books for his teacher, Ms. Aristotle, “If Alexander remains, in this world, not a single Aristotle will be ready.” And if Aristotle were to be there, in this world, thousands of Alexander’s would be ready. ”

Of course, the role of the teacher in this rapidly changing world is no longer limited to the curriculum, and the teacher’s role has become more and more consistent as per the requirements of this era. The teacher is now not only playing a role in highlighting the child’s ability to compete with this world but also teaching the child the skills, knowledge and practice stoicism to deal with himself. The role of teachers in this global world now emphasizes the need to meet a variety of requirements.

Teachers Are The Backbone Of The Education System

World Teachers Day: Say My Greeting To The Teacher

For a country to develop a nation, its people must be educated. Education is badly neglected in our country Pakistan. The education system is poor. Teachers are paid less, the curriculum is outdated. The salaries of teachers in private schools are much lower than in public schools. UNESCO and the International Labor Organization have recommended that teachers’ salaries should be at least enough to support their families in terms of their educational qualifications.

Teachers are the backbone of the education system. Therefore, if their financial situation deteriorates, they will not be able to teach peace of mind. A common complaint about teachers in government schools and colleges is that the work of a teacher is called “prophetic profession” but with as much effort he teaches children in private tuition centers and coaching center academies. They do not pay much attention to their duties, which is why private schools and colleges are successful. However, government teachers are well paid.

In the past, teachers’ salaries were low and they were highly respected. And he worked hard to fulfill his responsibility. Now the salaries have gone up. But along with the lack of respect, teachers are not fulfilling their responsibilities. That is probably why the respect for teachers is less now than in the past.

World Teachers Day Suggestions

The first is to formulate a policy to protect teachers and improve their performance. The second is to provide jobs in the profession to people who are trained and have a passion for teaching. They should be trained before they start teaching. Fourthly, teachers should be sent to the areas where they are most needed. Fifth, they should be supported in every possible way during their employment, their good performance should be appreciated and their quality testing process should be clear and transparent. They should be empowered etc.

World Teachers Day is a special day in recognition of their services. Today, thank your teachers for their contribution to your education and development.

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