World Refrigeration Day: History, Significance and Awareness

World Refrigeration Day will serve as a means of creating awareness and playing a key role in modern life and technology in society.

The term ‘refrigeration’ is used in its broadest sense because it refers to the process of obtaining and maintaining the desired temperature below the ambient temperature. An example of refrigeration is the preservation and distribution of substandard food products.

Refrigeration systems are also widely used to provide thermal comfort to humans through air conditioning. Similarly, heat pumps are devices that take heat from one source and transfer it to another.

World Refrigeration Day Establish

World Refrigeration Day is established through agreements between industry trade associations and professional membership organizations around the world.

In 2019, the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) Ozone Action Program announced that it will partner with World Refrigeration Day to raise awareness of the importance of refrigeration.

Before Refrigerator

Five thousand years ago the Egyptians started using clay pots to cool water. This unique magic pots for cool water soon spread all over the world. Even today, in the villages of Pakistan and India, people cool water in pots, pitchers, or jugs.

World Refrigeration Day: History, Significance and Awareness

How Does Water Cool In A Pot?

When the sun warms the outer wall of the pot, some of the water insides evaporate through the pores of the pot. This process also absorbs all the heat inside and the rest of the water cools down. But if it is raining and you put the pitcher in the rain, then the water does not cool down, because the process of steam stops. But if it is raining and you put the pitcher in the rain, then the water does not cool down, because the process of steam stops.

Ice House

Ancient humans used a variety of methods to preserve food in the summer. For example, meat was salted and dried to prevent spoilage. In many hot countries, ice cubes were imported from cold regions and placed in large rooms with wooden planks, so that the snow melted late. Such rooms were called “Ice House”. Such “Ice House” was first built by the Romans in Italy two thousand years ago. People used to buy cold water for their drinking and ice to cool their drinks from these “Ice Houses”.

Ice Box

Before the invention of the refrigerator, there was a custom of Ice Box in Europe. It was a big box made of wood. Inside the box was a tray on top of which ice was placed, and when the door of the box was closed, the same ice kept the inside cool. When the ice melted, the water collected in the tray was removed and a new piece of ice was placed. In this way, water or food in this container was kept cool and safe for a few days.

Why Was The Refrigerator Invented…?

Food, especially meat, was preserved in “ice houses”, but its taste changed, and germs grew in it. The invention of the refrigerator solved this problem forever. The refrigerator not only maintains the quality of the food but also protects it from germs.

Who Invented The Refrigerator?

Muslims are also involved in the invention of the refrigerator. In 1012, Ibn Sina, a prominent Muslim scientist, invented a device that cooled a liquid by converting it from the heat of the surrounding atmosphere into steam. This device later led to the invention of the refrigerator.

The World’s First Refrigerator

The world’s the first regular refrigerator was invented in 1834 by the American inventor Jacob Perkins.

Mobile Refrigerator

A small battery-powered refrigerator is also available in the market. Take it wherever you want, on the train or at a leisurely place, it keeps water and other drinks cold.

The refrigerator is an important household item. Without it, the home kitchen is considered incomplete. Thanks to the frozen ice in it, you drink cold water, juice and other soft drinks in summer. In winter, it keeps your food and drinks fresh for a long time. So take special care of your refrigerator on the occasion of this World Refrigeration Day.

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