World Rainforest Day: What is its significance?

World Rainforest Day is widely known each year on June 22 to lift awareness about the importance of rainforests in our lives. This day has been set aside for the protection and awareness of rainforests and for encouraging the public to take steps to protect them. If you are wondering what the World Rainforest Day is, then you need to know about this day. You will read the history and significance of this day in this article.

World Rainforest Day History

World Rainforest Day was first created in 2017 in partnership with Rainforest. They work with locals living in rainforest environments and launch projects with local communities to help restore healthy forests and create new ones. This day is about the importance and awareness of rain forest. Together on this day, we can all take positive and hopeful steps to protect rainforests and preserve their lives, as they have sustained our lives for thousands of years.

The main focus of the day is on staying positive and focusing on what we can do to save the rainforest. Our rainforests have sustained us for thousands of years, circulated oxygen, kept local communities alive, absorbed carbon dioxide, and kept our water fresh and clean. The Rainforest Partnership has been spreading the message of hope since 2007 when it launched to help local people and to deal with the effects of climate change.

The Importance of World Rainforest Day:

Rainforests keep our planet alive. They are home to half the world’s animal species. They provide us with fresh water and are essential for keeping our climate stable. Yet every second, one and a half hectares are lost, while every year, 78 million hectares of valuable rainforests are destroyed. That is why World Rainforest Day is designed to tackle deforestation, mitigate the effects of climate change, and take decisive action to protect our forests for future generations.

The Rainforest Is Helping Us

World Rainforest Day: What is its significance?

So far, the rainforest is helping us. The Amazon rainforest has been around for 60 million years. This is happening at a time when the Atlantic Ocean has expanded considerably to create a tropical climate in the Amazon Basin. One of the reasons for the large-scale extinction of dinosaurs is believed to be the climate, which has led to the expansion of rainforests. Over millions of years, it has been thought that rainforests have undergone many reductions and expansions as a result of factors such as glaciers breaking and contracting.

Disappearance of Rainforests

So, why is the disappearance of rainforests so dangerous this time? Major causes of deforestation include logging, mining, and industrial development, as well as land clearance for agriculture. Since large areas are cleared for logging and grazing. This requires more infrastructures, which increases the likelihood of accommodating roads and large machinery. As more and more rainforests are cleared, the surrounding forest life and the homes of the residents are also significantly disrupted. Deforestation scales can lead to climate change, floods, desertification, and soil erosion. These are all factors that are endangering our planet and our way of life.

The Message of This Day

This is a great opportunity to lift the load of rainforest branches and find ways to help protect your local forest life and people’s homes. By sharing on your social media and blogging about how you can save the rainforest. Find a promising approach to planet protection in this regard.

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