World Milk Day: Significance, Usefulness And Priceless Blessing

World Milk Day is very important for us because milk is a complete food that is easily digested. Children of other mammals, including humans, cannot digest hard and heavy foods for a certain period of time after birth. Therefore, nature has the ability in milk to meet all the nutritional needs of the baby. All doctors agree that breast milk is the best food for the baby. Seen in this light, milk is an unexpected blessing. When a man steps into this world, he first uses the food. She is mother’s milk. Milk has a prominent place among the blessings bestowed on man by the Creator of the universe.

It is a well-known fact that milk is rich in calcium, a mineral that promotes healthy teeth and bones. June 1 is the date we can celebrate World milk day. It is a celebration that can happen anywhere in the world if milk is global food!

So, why not start your day today with a nice cold glass of milk in the morning!

Milk has been considered a complete diet since ancient times. Milk is a food that is of human choice. But milk-based foods such as butter cheese and milk-based sweets are essential ingredients for human food.

As we know, milk is in liquid form. It is white in color and there is a slight difference in the taste and smell of different animal milk. Experts differ on the nature of milk. Some call it blood and some call it food carbs. The amount of milk produced in animals in a day. Looking at it, we can say that such an amount of blood cannot be produced in animals. Therefore, milk is not blood but a specific nutrient.

World Milk Day History


History of World Milk Day On June 1, 2001, Milk Day became a global event. In general, global celebrations can be found at the United Nations (UN).

The FAO has proposed World Milk Day to recognize the importance of milk in our world. It was also done to draw direct attention to the dairy industry and to generalize its related activities.

Before 2001, Milk Day was celebrated by many nations. On the British Isles, for example, there was a pre-Christian milk festival (‘Imbolc’ – Celtic for ‘milk’).

Six billion people worldwide consuming milk and milk products, it is not surprising that there is no need to celebrate milk!

Milk Importance and Utility

Milk has been a favorite food of human beings since ancient times. Most of the world’s religions have also stated the importance and usefulness of milk. Because of milk, Hindus give cow the status of mother. Islam has also clarified the importance of milk. It is considered the best food.

“Whenever our beloved Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) drank milk, he would recite the following dua.

(O Allah bless us and give us more)”

In the Holy Qur’an, Allah Almighty has given the glad tidings of Paradise to His beloved servants. According to the hadiths, there will be streams of milk and honey in Paradise.

Milk is like the water of life

World Milk Day: Significance, Usefulness And Priceless Blessing

Milk is mildly constipating and slightly digestible. Maintain youth. It is a very useful food for most types of fever, heart disease, jaundice, and thirst. Milk is like the water of life for human beings of all ages as well. It relieves nervous weakness and strengthens the brain. For students, teachers, scholars, lawyers, writers, and journalists, milk contains all the ingredients necessary for the growth and care of human beings. It provides protein for the nourishment of muscles and other organs of the body. Milk provides calcium for building teeth and bones.

Dairy Business

World Milk Day: Significance, Usefulness And Priceless Blessing

Humans usually drink cows, buffalo, and goat’s milk. Milk is being produced on an industrial scale in view of the growing demand for human beings. The dairy business is becoming a profitable business. With the development of technology came new ways to preserve milk for a longer period of time. Milk is also available today in powdered form. There are different types of milk cartons available in the market for young children, but on each box is clearly written the instruction that “mother’s milk is better for the baby”.

A food substitute

World Milk Day: Significance, Usefulness And Priceless Blessing

In this busy time of today, when a man is lost in his busy life. There are some people who do not even get a chance to eat on time. They should consume more milk so that the body can get calcium and energy it needs. Because it is liquid, milk cannot be considered a food substitute for adults. But to some extent, it can make up for the loss of food.

Milk is also very beneficial for weak people. Especially for the elderly, frequent consumption of milk for old age helps to overcome their weakness and it also provides energy.

People who take special care of their health also pay special attention to the maximum consumption of milk. The use of milk after exercise in the morning is recommended. Similarly, it has been generally observed that people drink a certain amount of milk shortly before going to bed at night. Doing so can go a long way in helping to maintain good health and improve their health.

World Milk Day Message

World Milk Day tells us to take special care of our health. Drink a glass of milk every day. It will be very useful and effective for our health.

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