World Blood Donor Day: Safe Blood, Safe Life

June 14 is widely known as World donor Day. This year the theme of the day is ‘Safe Blood, Safe Life’. Every year the day’s advertising campaign is given a new name. This year its slogan is ‘Give blood and make the world a healthy place’. The main purpose of this topic is to completely protect the blood from diseases and then use it. World Blood Donor Day is one of the eight days celebrated annually by the World Health Organization. The purpose of this day is to create awareness among the people about blood donation.

World Blood Donor Day History

World Blood Donor Day: Safe Blood, Safe Life

The history of blood donation goes far beyond your expectations, dating back to the 17th century. Medical experts at the time knew that blood was an important element in the body, and losing too much of it could have tragic consequences for the patient. So that was the beginning of the experiment, and a whole new generation of heroes was born. Take what contributes to their blood so that others may live. Blood donors save lives by donating their own blood, so accident victims and those who need blood for surgery can survive.

The First Transfer

The first transfer was made using misunderstood science and had some tragic consequences for the patients. Richard Lower was the first to examine the circulation of animals and blood and to find ways to prevent blood clots. While working only with animals, he managed to draw the blood of a medium-sized dog and then transferred the blood of a large mutant to a small animal. Both dogs had no side effects.

It was for this reason that he gained considerable notoriety for his efforts, and the Royal Society was asked to discuss and teach the technique. There were some strange beliefs about blood at the time, and the first human transfusion involved pouring sheep’s blood into a patient who was suffering from slight dementia. It was thought that perhaps the blood of a soft animal like a sheep could help calm his madness. The practice of transfusing animal blood to patients was strongly questioned by the then superstitious and morally strict authorities, and the practice was outlawed, having been missing for 150 years.

Blood transfusion began in 1818. It was an obstetrician who brought back blood transfusions with the help of modern medical technology. After giving birth to save the life of a woman who was at risk of hemorrhage, he began publishing her works. Throughout his life, he performed ten transfusions, five of which saved the lives of recipients.

A World Health Organization campaign

World Blood Donor Day: Safe Blood, Safe Life

World Blood Donor Day is a World Health Organization campaign. The first awareness campaign on the importance of blood transfusion took place in 2012. Since then, the WHO has spearheaded campaigns each year.

The WHO says blood is an essential tool not only for immediate intervention but also for planned treatment. Regularly use third party blood to ensure the continued health and survival of our patients during and after surgery. Blood is needed to maintain vital functions and to provide assistance in all kinds of emergencies. Medical cars use it to help people recover from car accidents, armed conflicts, natural disasters, and afterlife care.

The medical system needs a constant supply of healthy people, willing to donate their blood to the hospital. Therefore, blood is a precious commodity. Without volunteers, people donate regularly, health services will stop.

However, the WHO acknowledges that not all countries have adequate deposit systems. In some areas, people want to donate blood, but it is not practical for them to travel to the clinic. Elsewhere, citizens do not understand the importance of donating their blood and never try to donate. Therefore, World Blood Donor Day is an annual event that informs people about the need for blood collection efforts and how they can participate in it.

World Blood Donor Day is not just about getting more volunteers to come forward. It also works to improve collection and delivery methods. Transfusing blood from a donor and transferring it to a patient is a complex process. Medical professionals should pay attention to hygiene and blood type – things that are difficult where health systems are still developing. So this day is as much about spreading the latest protocol as it is about encouraging people to donate blood.

The Purpose Of The Day

World Blood Donor Day: Safe Blood, Safe Life

The purpose of this day is to raise awareness about safe blood and its various products and to thank those who donate blood voluntarily for the good of humanity and to help people. The World Health Organization is promoting eight global public health campaigns, including World Blood Donor Day. Millions of lives are saved each year thanks to donated blood. For patients with life-threatening conditions, the blood transfusion process has created new hope for life, and life-threatening patients are living healthier lives than ever before after a blood transfusion. But many in the world still there is a severe shortage of healthy and safe blood in the countries and providing safe blood when needed is tantamount to gambling.

World Blood Donor Day Message

World Blood Donor Day celebrates the hard work and bravery of these early medical professionals and recognizes the efforts they have put into developing a technology that saves many lives today.

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