What is the secret of longevity?

The TV anchor asked, what was the reason for your longevity, the elder said that we have eaten nothing but milk, yogurt, cheese all our life and our children are more than 90 years old.

Fifteen years ago, an old Turk and his wife were shown on American TV, the Old Turkic resident lived in a small town in Turkey, his wife and children lived together, his 124 years old and his wife 120 years old.

I asked the listeners what percentage of the people are ready to spend on this diet, so none of the millions of listeners have taken up the diet and said what is the benefit of a long life which is limited to dairy farms? Only 50 to sixty life but die after eating, this is better than ever.

Recently, a New York man was shown his 111th birthday on TV.

He himself came to his friends whom he had invited to his house.

He cut cakes, friends clap well, he was asked what the secret of his longevity was, then he told that he had only used vegetables, fruits, honey, chocolate, garlic, cinnamon, and olive oil all day long. He has been using and has breakfast by walking a mile in the morning.

Then he makes new and good friends live happier and have a happier life, though he does not say whether or not he uses any drugs.

Most important is a morning walk, you wonder how many hours you have specified for yourself in 24 hours, most never thought. Let’s think today and just 2 hours will make your life healthier.

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