What Is The Method Of Healing From Trauma?

Trauma is a very disturbing experience. It affects the brain. Trauma is usually caused by excessive pressure that the opponent cannot bear.

Most people find it very disturbing to take advantage of such experiences. The sound of your conscience tells you that you are guilty, lost, or defeated. You believe in it and it makes it difficult to treat you. You feel lonely and frustrated.

What Is The Method Of Healing From Trauma

According to my research, the main reason for the obstacles to dealing with extreme stress situations is wrong expectations. When a person reaches a goal, he thinks he has done ‘work’, he has ‘done’ until the end, but in reality, there is no end to it, there is no specific purpose.

The moment he reaches his goal, he unveils another. It’s like onion layers, after your peel, there’s another. And peeling onions will make you cry.

The solution is to accept the truth

The solution is to accept the truth, accept your true self, accept that you are sensitive, a little ignorant, or whatever you think it is. Practice acceptance and see what happens. Another reason is guilt. When you feel guilty or ashamed, your inner self says, ‘There is something wrong with you’, ‘You have done this’ or ‘You are not good enough’.

Trauma is solid energy trapped in your body. Obsessive thinking, fear and sabotage are all negative energies. So what to do?

The answer is love. Love yourself. This will help you answer these questions, such as ‘Am I okay?’ and ‘What if I’m broken and not disabled?’

This love will inspire you to change your focus and start to recognize the tension as you have raised, and you will be fine, if you just stand up, put yourself in the mud and move forward again.

Trust your instincts

Trust your instincts. Unless you try, you will not know how to trust yourself. The act of trusting yourself cannot be forced because then it can put pressure on you, and create false expectations that will push you back into the pit of guilt.

Feel safe when you’re in touch with yourself. This is a slow process. Your willingness to find yourself and your abilities will work. Celebrate every step. Trust yourself.

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