What Is Digital Literacy And How Important Is It?

Whether it is obtaining information or doing office work, the necessary information to operate a computer is extremely essential. Digital literacy is computer literacy that is desperately needed by any government and semi-government, private and multinational companies. You will not be able to work confidently in any field without knowing the basic principles of hardware, software system and an internet connection to run a computer.

Expansion Of Digital Literacy

We are currently living in a digital and biometric age. Our electronic and mobile devices have switched from analog to digital. Education is also now integrated with technology. An estimated 72% of students are currently connected to mobile or online education in some way. The need for digital literacy for teachers is even greater now than ever before because they know how to operate a computer and its basic functions.

With the advent of information and communication technologies, where we have gone through the information revolution, the digital divide has also increased. Some people are against the careless delivery of information and prefer the curriculum. While some want to study in the digital information revolution.

What Is The Need For This?


In the digital world, there is a huge difference in the lifestyle and thinking of the eye-opening generation. We had analog skills but our children are equipped with digital skills. Our habit and style were paper books while today’s tech kids and students are addicted to e-books. Our tech generation is equipped with digital skills. Augmented reality and holographs have become the magic lamp of Aladdin. Europe and the United States have changed the map of the African and Asian continents with digital literacy and technology.

21st Century Science

It would not be wrong to call digital literacy the science of the 21st century. When we talk about digital literacy, it has become essential not only for education but also for employment, research, society and the workforce. Similarly, in the art of the 21st century, you cannot forget photo visual literacy, reproduction literacy, information literacy and socio-emotional literacy. Each new generation is more intelligent than the next. The reason for this is that it has a complete history of the work done in each coming period, in view of which she determines the path for herself. Therefore, the changing requirements have to be met by adopting digital literacy.

Digital Literacy and Education

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In the presence of social media like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. We cannot forget the importance and effectiveness of digital literacy. Digital literacy includes not only operating a computer but also finding the right source of information. And protecting oneself from cyber attacks.

In Pakistan, digital literacy has been made mandatory for teachers and students. Digital education ensures that students continue their discovery and research process by reading their essays online with critical and creative skills, providing basic information on computer operation as well as training in various uses of social media.

Important Source

To bring modern education technology into the classroom and to promote online education, many important sites have taken education out of the classrooms and into our classrooms and workplaces. In modern times, it has become necessary to use the Internet with insight and foresight. Microsoft’s Digital Literacy Standard Curriculum provides you with the opportunity to create your own modules, introducing the basics of information and communication along with the basics of computers. In addition, there are many opportunities to study online. If access to them is tailored to our needs, we can quickly climb the ladder of knowledge.

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