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Up film: Different Reasons I Totally Identify With The Grandpa

Disney Pixar is known for creating good stories and characters – like the grandfather of the film ‘Up’, which we have in common than we thought.

In 2009, Pixar produced a beautiful film called ‘Up’. The story of a man, Carl Fredricksen, a balloon salesman who always dreamed of adventure. Especially with his beloved wife, Ellie, whom he met as a child in a derelict home. After the death of his wife, he was trapped in the middle of a fast-growing city block, where only his house stands in the rubble and new buildings will soon be built. Super excited boy, Russell, insert thousands of home-made balloons that float to him, a dog called a dub that allows humans to hear his thoughts, and this is the recipe for an amazing adventure.

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As most seniors do. Carl began with imagination and dreams, like a bright-eyed boy, a young man with goals, then fell into the life of a tired old man. There are many reasons we can all relate to Carl, and really, the reasons are not all bad.

He Hates The Morning

Up film: Different Reasons I Totally Identify With The Grandpa

Which of us doesn’t hit the snooze button 5 times before we get out of bed? Carl’s apparent reluctance to break, breaking bones, then getting out of bed, grabbing his cane, and struggling to climb chairs down the stairs is normal, which keeps him already because he’s quick. He doesn’t have to walk, he is angry with the day and everyone is taking part in it and walking on his path. We understand, Carl.

Not A People Person

Up film: Different Reasons I Totally Identify With The Grandpa

We don’t say we don’t like people, but they may be the opposite of how we want to spend the day. Sometimes you just want someone to carry on their routine without interfering with ‘hello’ or ‘how are you’ without any chaperone, and that’s where Carl’s personality shines. He is not afraid to say ‘no’, which is something we all want to do more easily. Carl was given no choice, however, when at the age of 8, Russell leaves his home before the adventure begins.

In This Film, He Does What We All Think

We don’t condone the violence, but when a huge machine pulls down his mailbox that he made decades ago with his now-dead wife, Carl loses it and heads off with his walking stick. He assisted a construction worker. This is not the best option, but it is what it is. The only consequence is that the court has been ordered to go to the retirement village of Shady Pine against his will. He is owed by begging – or because of this, he is reassured.

Takes Matters Into His Own Hands

Up film: Different Reasons I Totally Identify With The Grandpa

Instead of moving into a passionate senior home, Carl pulls thousands of helium balloons home, pulls them from the foundation, and sends them to a lifelong destination, Paradise Falls. His house is left behind by a robbery, leaving an empty space, as it leads to the place he had dreamed of all his life. We can fully relate to this ‘go-to’ attitude, and we will certainly not be able to get out of a home we know and love. Hook balloons! We’re coming, Carl!

Keeps His Word

He promised his wife when they were just small children that he would go to Paradise Falls with her. Sadly, he died before he could go on his pre-life journey, which he used to take care of. However, his word was not broken, as he was carrying out his project, his staff was with him. Not only did he act on his word, but he never considered acting on it.

Steps Up

The ‘Up’ film manages to entertain as well as inform, with Carl being overwhelmed by the fact that he is Russell’s grandfather’s character, and against his will, he likes him. The journey is long, and Carl himself has stopped him, he did not want to accept the loss again, as he and his wife did when they lost their own child at an early age, but he finally moved on in the end and is to Russell, what the boy needs.

Not only do we see ourselves in Carl, he is our hero, but he is someone we see in ourselves. It either makes us grumpy and agile, or it makes us very cold. We are choosing later. Pixar and Disney do magic again with this family movie, and we can’t love more.

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