Uncle Speedy Caught in Dengue Fever was written by Muhammad Faheem Aalam.

Gullu Mian and Pehlwan Ji were taken aback when they saw a big crowd in front of Uncle Speedy home, and their moving steps got halted.

          “Gullu Mian, why these people are assembled in front of Uncle Speedy house?”  Pehlwan Ji spoke with wonder.

          “I do not know, what is the matter.” Gullu Mian said.

          “Oh, brother Shabrati! Why the people have gathered in front of Uncle Speedy’s house?” Standing in front of Uncle Speedy’s house, he asked a neighbor of Uncle Speedy.

          “You do not know?” Shabrati  saw the both the men with wonder.

          “If known to us, why we would ask you.” Pehlwan Ji said with a bitter face.

          “It is amazing, rather very sad.  It is known to everybody but you do not know  anything who are his friends.” Shabrati exclaimed with wonder.

          “We were both out of the city and have returned today.” The Pehlwan Ji asked,” By the way, what has happened to Uncle Speedy?”

Uncle Speedy has been caught in Dengue Fever

          “Poor Uncle Speedy has been caught in Dengue Fever. The people have come to console him.” Shabrati told them.

          “What……!” Pehlwan Ji and Gullu Mian uttered simultaneously.

After a short while, when Pehlwan Ji and Gullu Mian reached the room of Uncle Speedy, they saw a  big mosquito net installed on the bed lying in the middle of the room. Around the bed, the smoke of burning mosquito killer coil was circulating in the room. As soon as Gullu Mian and Pehlwan Gi entered inside, they felt difficulty in breathing.

On the right side of the bed, Jumman was busy making apple juice ignorant of his surroundings. There were five to six crates of apple near to him and on the left, Ustad was extracting the juice of pomegranate keeping near to him six to seven crates of pomegranates. On the table lying near to the bed, in addition to papaya coffee in a thermos, few slices of papaya were also there. Moreover, Panadol tablets were also there near to the thermos. Uncle Speedy was sitting on the bed and a glass of apple juice was in his one hand while the glass or pomegranate was in his other hand. Uncle Speedy was taking the juices in sips during brief pauses.

“Come on…come on…my friends…..!” As soon as Speedy saw them, he uttered, “I was missing you very much!”

How did This happen?

          “Oh Speedy! You were alright when we left you. How did this happen?” Pehlwan exclaimed.

          “How I can tell you. Yesterday evening I was sitting with Arooj, Fatima, and Mahmood in the courtyard and checking their homework,  suddenly I felt pricking on my hand. I saw a mosquito sitting on my hand. The next morning when I woke up, my whole body was heating with a high fever. In case of a bite of a snake, the patient dies without asking for water but in case of a bite of Dengue Mosquito, the patient dies at once.” Uncle Speedy told the Dengue Story very quickly.

          “Have you taken any medicine or not?” Gullu Mian enquired.

          “Of course, this is medicine!” Speedy insisted on pointing to juices of apple and pomegranate.

          “Moreover, I am taking Panadol tablets!”

          “It is heard that during  Dengue Fever, every joint of the body aches. Said the neighbor of Uncle Speedy Sheikh Tayyab,  who came to console Uncle Speedy.

          “Oh, really, so it is called bone-breaking fever.” Owner of sweatshop Shabrati uttered quickly.

“Aah….this is the reason that all my body is feeling pain. Jumman…! Oh Jumman…!, Ustad…! Where both of you gone…. massage my limbs.” Uncle Speedy began to shout hearing all of this. Jumman and Ustad abandoned their work, rushed to Uncle Speedy, and began to massage him.

Pehlwan Ji Suggested.

“Uncle Speedy! please try coffee of papaya leaves.”

          “ The same I am taking. Oh, it is very bitter. We used to say that there is nothing bitter than bitter grout but coffee of papaya leaves appears to be more bitter than bitter grout. Oh…hay….hay…please be aware… one minute, do not move anymore.” Suddenly Uncle Speedy shouted and stood up with a jerk as a scorpion has bitten him. Then he slapped powerfully on the shining skull of Pehlwan Ji. This all happened in such a quick way that all were taken aback. Pehlwan Ji was flushing due to anger.

          Oh Uncle! How you have treated me?” Pehlwan Ji roared.

          “Oh..ho Pehlwan Ji! Why are you angry, you have to grateful to me. I have saved you from Dengue.” Uncle Speedy said proudly.

          “You saved my from Dengue! what you mean……?”

          “Please look here…this nasty mosquito was biting on your skull. Thank God, I saw  it otherwise you will be in such a worse position as I.” Uncle Speedy said proudly waving a dead mosquito before the eyes of Pehelwan Ji.

          “Oh…Brother Tezgam, then really I must grateful to you!” Pehlwan Ji said patting his skull.

          “OK, my brother Speedy…..! Let I go, please take rest and keep taking juices of pomegranates and apples in addition to Panadol tablets. If God wished, you will recover within a few days.” Pehlwan Ji suggested and went away.

          Then, both of them disappeared from there.

Uncle Speedy has been suffering from Dengue Fever since last week.

During this period he had been taking continuously the juices of apple and pomegranate. His wife and Jumman and Ustad have been exhausted by making papaya coffee and juices of apple and papaya. Despite all these medications and precautions, Uncle Speedy was continuously suffering from high fever. The horror of Dengue Mosquito so overlapped Uncle Speedy that he never stepped out of the mosquito net.

          “Oh Mr. Speedy, you caught in Dengue Fever but you never told me. Thank God, a patient of your locality came to me and I was known about you, so I   came immediately.” The friend of Uncle Speedy Doctor Umer Farooq said while entering the room.

          “Doctor, I have nothing to tell anything, the violent dengue fever  destroyed me.” Uncle Speedy said disappointedly.

“Have you had a medical check-up or not?”

“Doctor, there is no need for medical checkup. I know that dengue mosquito is responsible for my fever.” Uncle Speedy said in a disappointing tone.

          “No, you just had your medical checkup. Let me send my assistant, he will take your blood sample and I shall let you know the report after testing your blood sample in my laboratory.” Doctor Umer suggested.

          After some time, a boy came to take the blood sample of Uncle Speedy. In the evening doctor Umer came with medical report.

          “Oh, my friend Speedy! I have not seen or heard about a sharp man like you, even you have not forbidden in showing your sharpness having developed sickness in you.”

          “Oh , what I have done so?” Speedy uttered bitterly.

          “Ask what you have not done! Are you looking for this medical report?” Doctor Umer said while waving the report before him.

          “Yes, of course, but what is written in this report.” Speedy inquired.

          “According to the medical report, you are not suffering from Dengue Fever, you have been taking Panadol tablets without the advice of a doctor. Remember, when you feel sick, contact your doctor immediately and act upon the advice of a doctor.” When doctor Umer was telling all of this, Uncle Speedy looked at Jumman and Ustad who were busy making juices of apple and pomegranate.

“ I am not suffering from Dengue Fever, I am alright.”

Saying this Speedy removed the mosquito net also.

          When Jumman and Ustad heard the voice of Uncle Speedy, they uttered simultaneously, “Thank God!”

          Standing in the door, the wife of Uncle Speedy also heard all of this and a sweet smile appeared on her lips. She appeared no more different than Jumman and Ustad by making papaya coffee continuously.


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