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Time Travel Movies You Can Watch Right Now

Traveling to the future or the past in time is a long-held human dream that is often researched by scientists. However, as far as movies are concerned, human beings have realized this dream and time travel has been shown on the big screen.

There are many films but very few that can be called the best. Learn about some of the movies that keep viewers interested from start to finish.


Time Travel Movies You Can Watch Right Now

This action movie is a thriller based on the idea of ​​time travel which confuses the minds of the viewers as to whether you will stop a traitor if you have to. And what happens when you are a villain? In this film, Bruce Wells and Joseph Gordon have played the role of the same killer in different roles. The film manages to entertain as well as inform, as the two meet unexpectedly on a journey through time.

About Time

Time Travel Movies You Can Watch Right Now

It is the story of a man who knows in his youth that he has inherited talent and that is time travel, he can go back in time and as a result, he gets a chance to reconnect with his past girlfriend.  But as a result of trying to change the past, he faces difficulties, until he has to prepare for defeat or the only solution is to go back.

12 Monkeys

Time Travel Movies You Can Watch Right Now


It is a fictional film depicting a world of the future that is destroyed by a mysterious disease. On which a prisoner is sent to the past through time travel so that he can Gathering information about the created virus. This is an interesting and mysterious movie that you will definitely like.

The Terminator

Time Travel Movies You Can Watch Right Now

The sci-fi classic film stars Arnold Schwarzenegger as a time robot killer who travels through time to kill a future rebel. The rebel also has to travel to the past to save his child’s mother.

Somewhere in Time

It is a romantic film in which an actress and a writer meet on a time travel in a hotel. A writer is a man of the future who is interested in the actress of the past. And for this, he does research on time travel so that he can meet his favorite actress.

Source Code

Time Travel Movies You Can Watch Right Now

When you start watching this movie. It immediately becomes clear that it is a very unique story that presents a completely imaginary world, in which not only current and past events are shown but also The ending is very unique which does not allow people to move from their seats. One person’s time travel to try to stop the explosion maintains suspense until the end.

Deja Vu

The film revolves around a police officer investigating a terrorist attack using new satellite technology, which traces past events. But then he goes back to the rescue of a woman killed in the attack. The film is also mind-boggling as the police officer struggles to save his life as the past changes.

The Lake House

Time Travel Movies You Can Watch Right Now

This time travel movie revolves around a magical mailbox, through which the owners of 2 houses stay in touch with each other, the highlight is that one of them lives in the past while the other is in the future. The two want to meet each other and thus a love story is born. This beautiful film melts the hearts of the viewers.


This film based on Christopher Nolan’s space travel can also be called great. It shows the search for a new home in the universe to avoid the threat to the survival of the human race caused by food shortages. Their trap and exit in the black hole and the story are all worth watching.

Back to the Future

Films based on time travel have been made before. But the popularity of the film did not go to anyone else. Marty McFly and Doc Brown’s hilarious science fiction film has three parts that almost everyone who is interested in Hollywood movies will have seen. The best thing about this movie was that it made the journey of time very enjoyable.

Midnight in Paris

Time Travel Movies You Can Watch Right Now

An author’s trip to Paris with his fiancé and in-laws becomes a time travel experience. In this film, the first author gets a chance to see the beauty of Paris in broad daylight, notably Paris and other places, while time travel shows how the city will be enchanted at night in the 20th century. Most of the film was shot in Paris, but also in other parts of France.

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