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Tik Tok: Facebook Is Now Ready For Live Competition

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg made it clear last year that he doesn’t like Tik Tok.

 In fact, the popularity of Tik Tok is growing so fast that Facebook’s concern is understandable.

Although the Chinese application is currently facing difficulties in continuing its operations in various countries, its popularity has not diminished.

According to the online company Censor Tower, in 2019. Tik Tok was downloaded more than 738 million times and in this regard. It beat Facebook, Messenger and Instagram.

That’s why Facebook has introduced a tik-tok clone called Rails on Instagram to overtake it. And has started working on a similar feature on its main app.

According To A Report By Techcrunch

Tik Tok: Facebook Is Now Ready For Live Competition

Facebook has confirmed that it is testing short videos in the main Blue app (Facebook app) in India.

India is Facebook’s largest market and the testing of short videos. There is understandable as Tik Tok has been banned there.

In its current form, a section is being allocated in the newsfeed for these short videos, and at the top. There will be a Create button, which when clicked will launch the Facebook camera and users will be able to browse the videos. 

“We’re invariably testing new ingenious tools to hunt out but people want to express themselves, short videos are an awfully common format, which we have a tendency to want on Facebook,” a Facebook proponent aforementioned.

A Twitter user was the first to reveal the existence of this new test.

As noted above, Facebook is taking advantage of the absence of Tik Tok in India. This was banned there in June.

Facebook introduced Instagram Reels there last month (which has now been introduced worldwide).

Sources said that since the ban on Tik Tok, the engagement of users with Facebook services in India has increased by more than 25%.

YouTube is working on introducing a similar feature that is currently being tested.

Facebook’s haste is also due to the fact that Tik Tok has stepped up its efforts to re-enter the market.

Tik Tok Owner Byte Dance

Byte Dance (a company owned by Tik Tok) is in talks with Reliance Industries to sell Tik Tok’s local business. Facebook also has the backing of the US government over this app. As US authorities work to ban the app and have been instructed to sell US operations to a local company by September 15.

It is believed that the Chinese company Byte Dance bought the app Musically for 1 billion dollars in 2017. And then turned it into this app (Facebook also tried to buy it but failed), which quickly became popular worldwide.  Mark Zuckerberg has demanded a computer memory unit dance scrutiny, saying: “Our services, like the WhatsApp, area unit getting used by the protesters and social activists around the world for cryptography and privacy protection, whereas owner speaks.” what’s turning into progressively widespread around the world is claimed to censor demonstrations, even within us.

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