This is a life of the Kingdom, Learn To Live By Children

It is often said that ” This is a life of the Kingdom “. Children have a lot of learning in little mischief and ignorance for elders. Consider these things, it seems that the small things we learned about life, however, are misleading everything and therefore the problems of our lives are increasing.

 We believe that children are unaware, we can teach them a lot, can teach them. But many basic things to understand life can teach us. It just needs a little attention to it.

 Every day, a new day:

This is a life of the Kingdom, Learn To Live By Children

Children do not give up their burden today. A few hours in the school, but how hard they yard them to return home their other activities. Summer holidays or weekly holidays they want to live a new way every day. He brings new opportunities every day. Now, if we look at our life, we will The problems, we have on our minds are bad today, while children are more intelligent than we are.

Weakness or power:

Man thinks himself very powerful on the basis of his wisdom and consciousness. He also insists on his freedom to live in life. But to survive, we cannot fully depend on our own, we are in different ways each day, others Require cooperation and attention. In the form of children, we see a full sample of how others need to move forward. He may consider his own weakness, but In order to achieve our goals in life, we need to be nailed, and that is a natural law. That is why many people have debt in our lives, just as a heart and soul The mother of the Foster.

What do you fear the most?

This is a life of the Kingdom, Learn To Live By Children

If a child is hurt because of a prank or a mistake, he does not hide it. Many times the child has a bandage on the epidemical injury resulting from his folly They wear like a medal. Likewise, when children get some work, they feel happier in the face of others. He is working in his school to do some of the worlds In their view, the whole world does not do so, but they also encourage small tasks or even some of them. Contrary to them, foolishness acknowledges their own Talking to others about the mistakes sheepishly. In all things, “What will people say,” The fear keeps them from expressing when children transcend this fear. That’s why the older children Lessons can be learned that “the world will say” as a fear should be trusted in him.

It’s important to laugh daily!

This is a life of the Kingdom, Learn To Live By Children

 Who is not familiar with the name of Charlie Chaplin, a man who dedicated his life to others to laugh. He said, “What is going to be wasted without the day of laughed?” ‘ Sounds like That Charlie’s talk is much more than the Elders ‘ children. Children develop their own fun and laughter in any situation. House, Bazaar or park everywhere they Nobody can find something that will give them a chance to laugh. While a large, small, happy moments of the big troubles also let the look of frustration The children laugh at their folly, and it is the ability to improve their lives if they get elders.

Understanding Attitudes:

Kids can’t talk about our troubles to us. We measure their discomfort and problems with their gestures, feedback, and actions. Children get very happy when someone Gives away your worry, and we can fully understand the potential that there are many people around us who have a lot of trouble with us, but we are not ready to understand. When children cry to a word, we do not give them self-grasping and self-selfishness.

When tense, they hand over their feet, We are guessing that something is going to be a constant problem for them. With these actions, we have to understand the hunger, insomnia, or any other discomfort. We have others in our daily lives To understand, if this is the case, we may be in a good way of changing the behavior of different people. To assess the changes that come to the behavior of other Capacity. With this help, we can solve many issues in our society, family, and professional life before we develop a lot of problems. It gives us the idea that the behavior that we are imagining as selfishness or helplessness can be followed by any confusion, fear, or just physical fatigue, and thus we can avoid many misconceptions.

Equal Are The Men:

 We were all children, we were all young, with our own circumstances, we all brought different opportunities and environments. This is obviously a simple thing. But when we remove an error We think many people consider the root of evils. If someone is thieves today, it is extremely evil or is an extreme or violence in its behavior, there is no human being, decent citizen or There is an honest man in his work before us. But when they were born, what was the difference? Their condition and environment developed their personality. From this point of view we humans, We get an understanding of the fundamental problems instead of people who cause corruption. In this way, no one is victims of our hatred, but we have to address these basic issues Can try to play the role.

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