The Tricks of Smartphone’s That Most People Don’t Know

Smartphone’s are now available to almost everyone and people know how to make the best use of their features.

But there are still some things hidden in Smartphone’s that most people don’t know about.

The following are some of the secret tricks that can be very helpful for Smartphone’s users.

Auto Rotate Option

You should keep the screen rotation function disabled in the Smartphone’s and use it only when needed as using it triggers a special sensor accelerometer that drains the battery very quickly.

Do Not Use The Smartphone’s While Charging

The Tricks of Smartphone’s That Most People Don’t Know

Do you know why charging cables are not kept too long? This is to discourage the idea of ​​using the phone while charging as it affects battery life.

Fast Charging

If you want to charge the phone faster, charge it by turning on airplane mode, because during this time the phone does not search the signal and the battery charges faster, although most companies now support fast charging, this trick still charges fast charging.

Use The Shutter Button

If you want to take a picture with the camera open, holding down the shutter or the capture button will make it possible to take several pictures in a second (depending on how many pictures you take on the phone), most people are aware of this. No, but it’s a very magical kind of trick.

Use The Volume Up Button

Sometimes it is difficult to press the default shutter button, especially if the phone’s display is large enough to tarnish the image or cause the phone to fall off by hand; you can also use the volume button as the shutter button.

Improve Video Audio

You can improve the audio quality by making a video by covering the phone’s microphone. This hides the background noise and makes the main audio stream better heard, just cover the microphone with your finger while making the video.

Black Wallpaper

The Tricks of Smartphone’s That Most People Don’t Know

Phone batteries often run out very quickly and a good way to prevent this is to use black wallpaper instead of a picture in the background of the phone.

Raise The Alarm

If you are afraid that the sound of the Smartphone’s alarm will not wake you up, put your phone in a cup or mug, doing so will greatly increase the sound of the alarm.

Get In The Habit Of Restarting The Phone

Your phone may not always perform well, but restart it at least three times a week to keep it running smoothly, this way the apps will be reset and the Smartphone’s will get some rest.

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