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The Three Investigators Book and My Review

Today my review is on The Three Investigators book series. I really enjoyed reading this book. Therefore I counsel you to purchase this book and read it.

If you are a fan of bizarre events, exciting adventures and amazing situations, you will enjoy the Three Investigator books. There are more than 30 books in this regard that are bound to please the readers. It contains books on crime, mystery, adventure and suspense. Readers who like to read. The books show the bravery of three young friends, Jupiter Jones, Bob Andrews and Pete Cranshaw, who formed the firm of The Three Investigators.

They use their free time to solve any mystery, riddle, mystery, or identity that comes their way. He lives in Rocky Beach, California, a town on the Pacific coast a few miles from Hollywood. Bob and Pete live with their parents, while Jupiter Jones is raised by his uncles and aunts who run a rescue yard where anyone can find anything.

The Three Investigators Headquarter

All three investigators have one headquarter – a small laboratory and an office where they handle their clients. All the equipment they use for their research comes from the courtyard and was designed and rebuilt by Jupiter Jones, who is extremely intelligent despite his many physical bodies. Pete is an athletic, expert in finding suspects and engaging in other dangerous activities. Bob is in charge of research and sledding company records. Together, the trio searches for mansions, entertaining historical documents, discovers hidden treasures, and thwarts nefarious villainous plots.

“The Three Investigators” was created by Robert Arthur, but many authors, such as MV Carey, William Arden, and Nick West, have contributed their literary talents to the series. Famous Hollywood director Alfred Hitchcock is always introduced who is shown to be a good friend of these friends.

This series will remind readers a little bit of the Scooby-Doo cartoon. All the scary characters and hair lifting situations are the most common and obvious reason why a villain tries to harm or deceive an innocent person.

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