The Strange Schools In The World? Let’s Know Them

There are strange schools all over the world that are famous either for their location or for their teaching. Let’s take a look at them.

Hogwarts School

The Strange Schools In The World? Let’s Know Them

A magical school is mentioned in the world-famous novel series ‘Harry Porter’. Where children are taught different kinds of magic. This is the story of Harry Porter, a little magician. The author of this novel series is JK Rowling. Whose shrines and places, especially the giant temple Hogwarts, have established a distinct reputation? This school of the magical world is not in the real world but in the imaginary or film world. It counts in children’s literature in the UK.

Cave school

There is a school in China, built inside a cave. It was built in 1984 in the Chinese slums of Mao. The purpose of this school was to educate the children here. After 2011, the Chinese government demolished the school, saying it was not the Stone Age. Not a single school for education has been built here as an alternative.

Boat School

The Strange Schools In The World? Let’s Know Them

Bangladesh faced considerable difficulties in life due to floods in residential needs. In which there was a difficult study. Since it was a poor country, they made centers of knowledge in boats and made their peoples knowledgeable. Which is a very strange and unique way. The school with this boat also established libraries and centers for other types of practice.

Railway Platform School

The Strange Schools In The World? Let’s Know Them

1985 Anjit Kharana, an Indian teacher in the Indian state of Odisha, established a school on the railway platform, hence the name ‘Railway Platform School’. The purpose of this school is to provide free education to the children so that they do not have to beg. The number of schools on these platforms has now increased in the state of Odisha. More than 4,000 children are studying in these schools.

Brooklyn Free School

The Strange Schools In The World? Let’s Know Them

 This school is located in the United States. All the children here have the freedom to go to any other class and spend as much time as they want and the funny thing is that there are no exams and no marks are given, and so on. Attendance is not required here. Critics say the school is far from the truth and is misleading students.

Golo Elementary School

This school in China is run under the supervision and management of only one teacher, Shin K Jun. The school is located on a high hill. Students who come to this school have to go through dangerous routes. To get to this school, students have to go through narrow and narrow roads.

Underground School

This unique school was established in 1962 in the United States. The school was built underground to protect it from nuclear attacks but to no avail. In addition, a large underground storage warehouse was set up at the school. The school was closed for a number of reasons. The school reopened in 1999 and now has hundreds of students are studying here.

These strange schools prove that education is a must, no matter what the school is like.

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