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The Best Thriller Movies from Beginning to End

A movie that makes curiosity or suspense grows with each passing moment is considered to be the best thriller movies.

There are some thriller movies that make it seem as if this is really possible for you, or so to speak, that shakes you from within.

Let me tell you about some of these great suspense and thriller movies. The magic of these films lasts a long time.

The Usual Suspects

The Best Thriller Movies from Beginning to End

The story of 5 criminals whom the police collect during a routine interrogation. Then they get together and plan a robbery and the police have to stop them. Kevin Spacey memorable role made him one of the best thriller films of all time. Every moment while watching this movie is spent guessing what will happen next. Throughout the film, the viewer sits in the corner of the seat and can’t take his eyes off.

Rear Window

The Best Thriller Movies from Beginning to End

When a paralyzed photographer starts spying on his neighbors. So something happens that completely changes his life. He thinks that the man living in the flat in front of him has killed his wife. This idea is not believed, but the tension does not allow peace. All this makes the viewer anxious.


Another Alfred Hitchcock mystery film in which a retired San Francisco detective encounters difficulties in investigating the strange activities of an old friend’s wife. It also has the status of a classic, while in the eyes of fans of mystery films, it is the best film of all time.

Shutter Island

The Best Thriller Movies from Beginning to End

This psychological thriller by director Martin Scorsese is one of Leonardo DiCaprio’s best films. Dennis Lehane’s novel of the same name, published in 2003, was chosen for the story. In the film, Leonardo plays a U.S. marshal who is investigating the Shutter Island Psychiatric Institute.

Fight Club

An ordinary person meets a salesman selling soap. A complex relationship develops between them when they decide to fight each other. This is the best film ever made in a novel. It doesn’t make sense to pass the time. You will be amazed at how much a seemingly ordinary story is full of curiosity.

Mulholland Drive

The Best Thriller Movies from Beginning to End

Writer and director David Lynch’s film has been hailed by the BBC as the best film of the 21st century. The film is based on the story of a budding actress who arrives in Los Angeles. Where he befriends a woman who suffers from insomnia, after which an interesting story begins.

The Prestige

The Best Thriller Movies from Beginning to End

The competition between the two sorcerers is so intense that they are eager to develop better magic tricks than each other. Sorcerers want a visual deception that will amaze people. The 2006 film is a story that raises questions about the line between reality and stagecraft. In search of it, it becomes a compulsion to see it.

Gone Girl

The Best Thriller Movies from Beginning to End

The story revolves around a couple. In this film, the wife suddenly disappears and becomes the center of media attention. The police and the media are suspicious of the husband and question whether he has killed his wife. From here, the story progresses with various twists and turns and does not allow the viewer’s attention to be diverted from the screen for a moment.

Zodiac ( Thriller Movies)

The Best Thriller Movies from Beginning to End

It is a mystery thriller film based on a 1986 non-fiction novel, Zodiac. He used to mock the police with letters before the murder. The film was directed by David Fincher and the screenplay was written by James Vanderbilt.


The Best Thriller Movies from Beginning to End

When police fail to find the daughter and friend of a man named Keller Dover, he decides to find them himself. The thriller creates the tension of the worst news among its viewers while the story progresses so fast that the viewer gets lost. The excellent acting and background score have made it a must-watch film.

Cape Fear

The Best Thriller Movies from Beginning to End

A rape convict released from jail harasses his lawyer’s family. He believes he was arrested because of his lawyer. Watching this movie, it feels like a hunter is following us. The villain’s acting is so natural that it makes even the bravest people tremble. The director keeps the audience lost in the story throughout the film. In the end, it seems like a mind-boggling nest that shakes the viewer.

The Game

The story of a very rich man who is a banker from San Francisco. But he is very lonely and even celebrates his birthday alone. On her 48th birthday, her long-lost brother suddenly returned and gave her a place card as a gift. Going there, the main character is confronted with strange and mysterious events that have to do with watching.

LA Confidential

The Best Thriller Movies from Beginning to End

Based on a novel, the film tells the story of Los Angeles police officers. In this film, curiosity, mystery and suspense are on the rise which takes an unexpected turn while investigating various murder cases. All three police officers have their own agenda that they want to investigate. The truth is lost in this game of cat and mouse.


The Best Thriller Movies from Beginning to End

If you like curiosity movies then this is no less than a gift. But to see it, you need to focus on it. There are two different sequences running in it, one is black and white which is about the past while the other is a color sequence that is going backward from the present. The two sequences meet at the end and a truly mind-blowing story unfolds.


The Best Thriller Movies from Beginning to End

It would not be wrong to say that this film is one of the best mystery and thriller movies. It stars Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman. This is the story of two police officers who are looking for a serial killer. The film ends with a twist that you will never forget.


This film by Alfred Hitchcock may seem old, but its story will not let you down at all. But the end will come in a way you never expected. The film revolves around a motel where a girl arrives and disappears. Then her sister and boyfriend start looking for her.

The Silence of the Lambs

The Best Thriller Movies from Beginning to End

An FBI agent seeks the help of a former serial killer to catch a serial killer. In this game of cat and mouse, the agent trusts the former serial killer that he will solve the case. But what happens is unexpected.

The Sixth Sense

The Best Thriller Movies from Beginning to End

You may find it interesting from beginning to end, but it’s hard to call it the best. But when it does, it’s hard to believe that you understood the story of the film. We don’t say the end, but this 1999 film revolves around a psychologist and a child. The boy is able to see and talk to dead men.

Gone Baby Gone

The Best Thriller Movies from Beginning to End

When a 4-year-old girl goes missing from her home, the police have a hard time solving the case. The girl’s aunt hires two private detectives. Who has no special experience in investigating such cases? But the affected family wants their services for two reasons. One is that they are not policemen and the other is that they are well aware of the dangerous areas of Boosts. As the case progresses. The complexity of the story grows, even the ending is startling.

Primal Fear( Thriller Movies)

The film is a judicial thriller. Curiosity and suspense seem to be on the rise. This is the story of a lawyer who fights the case of a young man accused of killing a priest. No lawyer is willing to take this case because it seems certain to fail. As the trial progresses, the dark secrets of the church begin to unravel. A simple case suddenly becomes dark and extremely dangerous.

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