Social Media Day: Share, Like, Comment

Today is World Social Media Day. The purpose of This Day is to recognize the importance of the role of social media in modern society.

In today’s times, the usefulness of social media has become ubiquitous. It has become a platform that empowers the common man. WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook, you can not only talk but also see people sitting miles away. Sites like Google have put information from around the world at a click.

Reading blogs, e-magazines, etc. is more preferred than reading newspapers and magazines. Through the news received on Twitter and Facebook, you can know what is happening all over the world from the comfort of your own home. One can keep abreast of the situation and politics of the country through social media. While a large segment of society is earning a living from online marketing and business, Facebook is the best place for business people to market their business. Besides, thousands of books on every subject are available on social networking sites. Where every news item is available on social media with one click but this information is not necessarily accurate. Lack of social interaction is a negative aspect of social media. Children’s play is now a negative aspect of mobile, computer and online games instead of the field.

Social Media Day History

Social Media Day: Share, Like, Comment

Social Media Day was launched in 2010 by the news website Countless customers from all over the world gather in their respective cities to celebrate this day. has asked social networking users to celebrate Social Media Day on June 30 in their respective areas and gather in one place to organize special events. Users can organize their event by signing up on the Mashable Meetup Everywhere page for events related to this day.

Celebrate This Day

Now you can connect with your favorite player, actor, politician or writer directly through a page or account created on a social networking site. This role of social media in creating a world of opportunities, entertainment and connectivity require the users of social networking sites to be grateful and appreciated.

This day began with some events in 2010, and then gradually became a global day. Arizona is the first US state to officially celebrate the day. Now two more US states, Noida and Missouri, follow Arizona to celebrate the day.

Come on! Let’s celebrate Social Media Day on the 30th of this month. Highlight the importance of social media through your posts and tweets on Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites on this day.

Pledge On This Day

Pledge on this day that we will not post any hateful, hurtful or hurtful images, videos or writings on social media. Do not post or share any material which is against our religious and moral values ​​or which is against the interest of our country. We will not make provocative or hateful comments on any post.

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