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Smartphone: The World’s First Under Display Camera Phone

Several companies are acting on a smartphone which will have a selfie camera hidden inside the display sort of a fingerprint sensor.

So far, such concept models have emerged, but a Chinese company is now able to introduce the primary such commercial smartphone, giving up Samsung, Xiaomi and others.

ZTE has announced that it’ll be introducing the world’s first mass-produced smartphone on September 1, which can feature a selfie camera mounted inside the display.

The company made the announcement in an exceeding message posted on Twitter.

Smartphone: The World’s First Under Display Camera Phone

Other details about the phone are revealed on September 1, but in line with various leaks, the device called Exxon 20 Five G will have a 6.92-inch OLED display with no scratches, punch holes or other.  Where the front camera is under the display.

In fact, since the camera is inside the screen, it’ll be a completely bezel-less smartphone.

According to ZTE, the world’s major technology companies are engaged in under-display cameras, but its phone is the primary such phone available within the market.

Oppo had earlier offered a prototype model supported the technology, but it’s not yet commercially available.

According to Lex, the ZTE Exxon twenty can have a 32-megapixel selfie camera hidden within the screen, whereas the rear can have 2 sensors with sixty four and 8-megapixel cameras and two-megapixel sensors.

In addition, 2.4 GHz processor, 6, 8 and 12 GB RAM, 64, 128 and 256 GB storage while 4120 mAh battery is additionally expected to be provided.

It is difficult to mention the value of the phone at the instant, but ZTE devices are cheaper than other companies.

Along with the announcement by ZTE, another Chinese company, Huawei, additionally rumored on a smartphone equipped with all-screen fingerprint device technology associate degreed an under-display camera.

The company, which has been full of US sanctions, also confirmed the report, saying the technology would soon be available to the overall public.

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