Sleep Talk: Why Do Some People Talk In Their Sleep?

It is very common to talk to yourself during sleep without even knowing it.

According to research reports, 66% of people experience it at some point in their lives.

Although talking in sleep is usually harmless and does not require any treatment, it can sometimes make other people’s sleep worse.

But what is the reason? It is not entirely clear, but what science has learned so far is as follows.

Genetic Effect

Research reports have found that the habit is often transmitted from one member of the family to another.

Research reports from Finland and Japan have found that twins experience nightmares with nightmares and sleepwalking.

The study also found that people who talk in their sleep are more likely to have children.

Lack Of Sleep

Sleep Talk: Why Do Some People Talk In Their Sleep?

By the way, one can mutter something in sleep, but some elements, especially lack of sleep, are also possible reasons for this.

Medical experts believe that most people who talk in their sleep suffer from lack of sleep because when the body does not get rest, it affects the brain and the quality of sleep is affected.

Sleep Problems

Sleep Talk: Why Do Some People Talk In Their Sleep?

Talking during sleep is also considered a medical condition called somniloquy in medical language.

Of course, this can happen to anyone, but people who have other sleep problems are more likely to have it.

Doctors believe that there is a link between talking in sleep, walking in sleep, and nightmares.

Specific Medications

There are a number of medications that can affect sleep, resulting in the experience of talking to specific sleep behaviors.

The use of sedatives usually causes this effect.

Is It Possible To Control It?

By the way, there is no clear method to avoid talking in sleep, but it can help to some extent by changing the habits.

These habits include avoiding overeating shortly before bedtime, making comfortable beds and pillows, avoiding caffeine use in the evening, and adopting a regular sleep routine.

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