Self Talk: Is Talking To Myself A Sign Of Insanity?

There is a strong possibility that in your youth or middle age you have been talking to yourself in your mind or in a loud voice. Some people do this often and find it helpful, but you may think that self-talk is normal? Is there any good in it? Or is it a bad thing?

But the most important question is, isn’t talking to yourself a sign of mental illness?

Medical experts such as Dr. Laura F. Dabney say: “It’s normal and very common to talk to yourself. It’s not a habit that becomes more addictive or a sign of mental illness and is more common than people expect.”

According to Veronica Togalieva, author of The Art of Talking to Yourself, “It’s true that we all talk to ourselves. It may seem strange to speak so loudly in front of people, but we all do this in our minds, to explain the tasks and things of our daily lives.

According to Dr. Laura F. Dabney, imagine an everyday scenario in which you could talk to yourself, for example, before leaving the house, you might be carrying important things like keys, coats, bags and lunch, or from the office. On the way back, she started muttering, disturbed by the heated conversation with her boss.

This Habit Has Its Own Benefits

According to experts, self-talk is a healthy and helpful habit, especially talking to yourself in a positive way can help you go through difficult times, as it helps to keep yourself calm and focus on positive things instead of stress or worries. It is possible to do it.

There are times in life when people are often self-centered, for example when trying to make a difficult decision in an emotional situation or want to overcome an emotional state.

Other Benefits of Self Talk

Self-talk helps people remember everyday tasks or deal with small or momentary issues.

According to experts, this can be made more meaningful in such a way that during self-talk, you think of yourself as a second or third person, such as speaking in a public place, instead of asking yourself why I am so nervous. Why are you so nervous or why you are so nervous?

Experts believe that self-talk can be linked to mindfulness or alertness. According to them, in difficult times our mind can lead us to darkness and that is why it is a good idea to make it a habit to avoid self-talk in a positive way. There may be practice. He said that since there is no harm in talking to yourself, it is a good idea to make it a habit, just choose a specific time or place for it or try it when there is an incident during the day.

Is It Harmful Or A Sign Of Illness?

Self-talk is often associated with mental illness, but rarely is it a sign of mental illness. However, many times it can be a sign of psychological problems, such as self-harm with self-talk, so it can be an emotional problem. Maybe a symbol.

Or if a person repeats the same sentence over and over again while talking to themselves, it may also be an indication of some kind of emotional or mental problem and it is better to talk to a medical professional in this regard.

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