Screen Time Excessive Causes Dry Eyes

“Screen time” is a term used to describe activities that take place in front of a screen. Recent research has shown that increasing screen time causes dry eyes.

About four years ago, Melanie Yarger, a 42-year-old resident of Ohio, USA, had some problems with her eyesight. He noticed that his eyes were turning red and there was pain in his eyes. He felt that his eyes were getting blurred. At first he thought that his eyesight was getting weaker with age, but the itching in his eyes got worse and Melanie Yarger didn’t notice any difference. Melanie works as a service coordinator with children with disabilities who need to work with her full vision. He said that the deteriorating condition of his eyes had caused him many problems. The mother of three also faced domestic responsibilities. Eventually, a doctor told him he had a dry eye disease. What is this disease? When your eyes are not producing enough tears to get wet, then it is natural for your eyes to become dry.

Screen Time and Dry Eyes

It is important to note that dry eyes are not the same for everyone. Aging is a big reason and low tear production also plays a role. Also, watching the screen for a long time can cause this disease. Like Corona is a global epidemic. In it, people sit at home and watch TV. Also interested in video games and working on computers. As mentioned at the beginning, this whole process is called “screen time”. Yarger said he was satisfied when he was diagnosed with the disease. The doctor gave her medicine that reduces the irritation caused by dry eye.

Yarger’s story is not unusual. A report states that more than 16 million people in the United States suffer from the disease. This includes more women than men. In this regard, Dr. Priya K. Gupta says that before making your own diagnosis, you should go to your own eye doctor.

According To Dr.Creek

Dr. Creek C says he has recently treated a number of patients whose dry eyes have been further damaged by “screen time”. These were patients who stared at the TV screen for hours without blinking. By the way, it has become a habit to look at the TV screen for many hours without blinking an eye. Dr. Creek, however, did say that it was not possible to conclude that the cause of dry eyes was the current coronavirus lockdown. How can it be ignored that people use smartphones for many hours? They cling to the computer screen all day long and all this has happened during the current lockdown.

The above-mentioned doctors agree that people give less importance to diseases like dry eye than other diseases. If dry eye problems get worse, they run to the eye doctor.

It is true that it completely affects the way you live your life. The only solution is to completely protect your eyes and avoid “screen time”. Remember you only have one pair of two eyes. Would you like to lose your enjoyment if you don’t pay attention to them?

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