Respecting Elders … The Light Path Of The Nation

Respecting Elders … The Light Path Of The Nation written by Muhammad Tayyab Ilyas.

We need the help of many people to live in the world, to fulfill our desires, to succeed and to prosper. These people living altogether configure a ”Society”.

Mutual interaction of the people is the foundation of a society. As a teacher helps you in your studies and education, a milkman provides you milk, street sweeper keeps your street clean, the gardener monitors the garden and you enjoy the beautiful flowers and so on…

Analyze for a moment and you will see, all these people are your helpers and they fulfill your desires. Similarly, many people need your help. For example, if someone asks you for water, you help that person by giving water. If someone asks you for guidance on the road, you help by guiding that person. If parents, brother or sister ask to bring something from the market, you help them by going and bringing what is asked to be brought.

This mutual interaction is the basics of society. True interaction configures a true society and bad interaction ruins society. True interaction is that every member of the society must help other fellows with sincerity. He or she must work for the advantage of others and not for his own advantage. He should prefer others to himself. Elders should treat the young with affection and kindness. The young should respect and obey their elders.

Hadith Related Respecting elder

The prophet (PBUH) said:

“When a younger person respects an older, Allah SWT specifies people who will respect him at his older age” (Tarimzi Shareef)

In this Hadith, the Holy Prophet (PBUH) gave us precious advice related to not just our relatives, but also to every person who is elder to us.

It means that we must respect our parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts, teachers, elder brothers and sisters and so on. The one who respects elders will be blissful.

We should fulfill the needs of elders with determination. For example, if there is no seat available, we should offer and give our seat saying with a sincere heart, “please sit down.” If they are too old and can’t stand and walk without any support, come forward to support them. If they ask for anything, we should do or bring it. See them when they are sick. If they feel lonely and went to talk with you, you should sit and talk with them.

When you show respect like this, they will be happy. They pray for you and you will be rewarded in this world and hereafter. Moreover, when you reach old age, someone will help you in a similar way.

So, if you want to take prayers of the elders and want to have a bright future, then respecting all elders!

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