Remember: Ways To Help You Remember What You Study

Students are often afraid that they don’t remember what they read. Here are the ways that writing can be remembered.

Reading is an art that is acquired through regular practice. The benefit of reading any newspaper, book or magazine as an art is that whatever the reader reads, he will remember it more or less forever. I am sorry to say that people are not aware of the importance of reading. Especially our students have been very involved in this matter.

Let me tell you a few important things about the art of reading.

Before reading, decide what you want to read and what is the end of your reading book or article? If you start studying without having a purpose in advance, you will not be able to understand the subject matter. I don’t say anything about those who read entertainment books right now, but my address is from those who read the books of the most solid and serious kind of knowledge and curriculum.

To Understand A Book Regularly

 Remember: Ways To Help You Remember What You Study

you must first decide to read it and move your mind from all sides and put it on the book in a way that you have to read in a lifetime. After a little practice, this can be achieved. A famous American psychologist has explained 40 reading purposes. These highlights are:

1. Some people read to increase their knowledge.

2. Some people read books in the same language to learn a language.

3. Some people study to solve a complex problem.

4. Some people read all kinds of lectures to make them aware of the world’s situation.

5. Some people study for their business or exams. They don’t care what they’re reading and why they’re reading.

Remember What You Want To Read

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You may be one of those who have counted the few rows I have read. You will, however, have some personal reason to read. So first determine what you want to read and cleanse your mind of all kinds of pollution. When you plan to read, first read the book’s page first. It is very important, don’t be too unsophisticated. People who start reading without looking at the book spend time. Then, look at the list of titles in the book, and if it is initially a description, it must be studied, because you will not only know the book’s summary but also know from the perspective of which author wrote the book. If you are not sure what you are doing, you should contact your doctor.

In the textbooks, it is usually included in the summary at the end of each chapter. If you read these summaries first, you will be able to understand the whole chapter. Read the first phrase of each new paragraph carefully, because it starts with new things. After this phase, you will feel that the phrase will be the same as the next paragraph. Finally, the first thing will be repeated as a result. If you practice understanding it, you will soon be able to get a hold of the articles in each book.

Ask Yourself Test Questions

Along with reading, you can also ask yourself test questions. What is the benefit of reading an article in the dark? Ask yourself what the author has shown in the book? What order has he expressed his views? Has he given any specific evidence that leaves an impression on the reader’s mind? What kind of man can be the person who has authored this book or article? What is the real purpose of writing? And what am I getting from his study? Do I agree with the author’s statement? Has the author judged the subject? Is he over it? Or should I read other authors’ books to support his ideas? Etc.

If you can prepare your mind for such questions, you will not have any difficulty reading the book. You will know that most of the textbooks list questions at the end of the chapter or at the end of the chapter, which people do not bother to see, are always unsuccessful.

If your book does not contain questions, make yourself a question, try to solve them yourself. Read the phrase that you don’t understand again and again… And think what the reason for not understanding it is? Do not try to go beyond this by understanding the difficulty. Think of it as a regular mental battle with the book.

The Best Technique To Remember

The best technique to remember what you read is to read it multiple times. If possible, tell someone what you remember and what you forgot.

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