Poetry Treatment, Reading Poetry Is Useful For Health

A poet friend says, “I do catharsis through poetry, in a few minutes I am satisfied with the dust of my heart. Sometimes society, sometimes friends and sometimes even my relatives become the target of my anger. I learned that poetry not only catharsis but also a cure for psychological tension. I lighten the load by expressing my feelings.”

Helen Ivory, born in 1969 in London, is not to be forgotten. “She writes, “I put in front of me the notorious fictional character ‘Blue Bird’ to write about the suffering of a culture. It breathed new life into the poem and brought it closer to reality. Keeping this role in mind, there was more to the poem.” This made his poetry award-winning poetry.

Leading psychologist Scherezade Sanchita Siobhan is also an expert in this field. “It is a memorable phrase. Poetry is a kind of therapy. In terms of keeping it safe, there is no limit to the importance of poetry.”

We have also read Hollie McNish, Kate Tempe, Yrsa Daley and Rupi Kaur in the modern era in the West. From an early age, he covered poetry, novels and literature. He also included politics in his poems and vented his anger on social evils. Nothing was said and everything was said. You know that whenever truth is told in a poem, people will like it. That is why these four women poets also gave comfort and a message to their readers.

There Are Many Benefits To Reading And Writing Poetry

Negative Thinking

That’s the gist of a recent study, researchers say. Researchers have interpreted this poetry as domestic poetry. He says there are many benefits to reading and writing poetry. First, man thinks well, in search of the best. Poetry thus ignites dreams, nurtures ideas and evokes emotions, encouraging others to share their voices.

“It is true that creative writing activates the creativity of the individual, unlocks hidden abilities, and awakens creative talents. A significant number of people in the United States and Europe who consider themselves dear to health are now adopting this method.” It will also encourage you to raise your voice and to state your purpose. Someone says, “I make out a heart of fits of anger by hiding the satire at the foot of humor, people laugh, rejoice and say, “We’ve got your message!”

You can write poems in a new place, you can change your inner self by writing poems in a whole new environment. They can write poems even if they are isolated from the troubles and spectacles of the world, that is why it is said that a poet can establish his own separate world, a whole new world. So grab a pen, start writing. I prefer poetry to transformation novels and fiction.

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