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Players From Around The World Battle With Coronavirus

Coronavirus has affected sports activities in Pakistan, as in the rest of the world. Initially, the remaining matches of Pakistan Super League 5 were announced in vacant stadiums without spectators. Competitions have been postponed indefinitely. The Asian Team Snooker Championship, the Asian Men’s Snooker Championship and the Asian Sixth Red Championship have been postponed. The three events were scheduled to be played in Doha from March 27. He is also the defending champion of the Championship.

Players from around the world battle with Corona
Players from around the world battle with Corona

Pakistani-based British boxer Aamir Khan also announced that a professional boxing event in Islamabad this month has also been postponed due to the Coronavirus. Pakistani boxer Usman Wazir and Pakistani and foreign professional boxers expected to attend the event. The Pakistan Football Federation has also suspended all its activities till further orders. The ongoing B-Division Football League has also been stopped in the country. The Azlan Shah Cup has also been postponed.

Cricket is Pakistan’s most beloved and popular sport. Pakistan Cricket Board announces to give Rs 50 lakh to the Prime Minister’s Emergency Funds. While the general manager and the above staff have been announced to pay two days’ salary. The staff below it will pay one day salary If viewed in the mirror of reality. According to the Pakistan Cricket Team. Most of the players have been from middle and poorer households. But due to the game of cricket, these cricketers now have bank balances worth crores of rupees. These players live in palatial houses and travel in the world’s most expensive cars.

Now that bad times have come to Pakistan. These players are practicing rhetoric rather than out of pocket. Except for Shahid Khan Afridi, the rest of the Pakistani players have virtually avoided coming into the field. Sri Lankan cricketers are much better than Pakistani players. Who has announced to raise 25 million in the Coronavirus fund? leaving behind Pakistani players, according to Sri Lankan media reports in the ongoing campaign against the Coronavirus.

The Sri Lankan government has also been assured that everyone is standing shoulder to shoulder in this hour of trouble, as well as see former prominent Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar, who has donated a total of Rs 5 lakh. They have deposited Rs 25 lakh in the Prime Minister’s Fund and the same in the Chief Minister’s Fund, Earlier, Indian cricketers Irfan and Yousuf Pathan gave 4,000 masks to the Bruda police, Mahendra Singh Dhoni gave Rs 1lakh to an NGO, while BCCI President Sarogangoli announced Rs 50 lakh to distribute free rice to the needy.

Pakistan-born British boxer Aamir Khan is at the forefront of helping those affected by the Coronavirus, presenting his wedding hall in Bolton to fight the Coronavirus, said the 33-year-old former World Light welterweight champion. In my post on my Twitter account, I am well aware of how difficult it is for ordinary people to get a bed in a hospital right now, That is why I am ready to give my 60,000 square foot 4-story building to the National Health Service to help victims of the Coronavirus. Earlier, Premier League side Chelsea also offered free accommodation to the National Health Service staff at its hotel in Stamford Bridge Stadium. Indian tennis star Shania Mirza has launched a fundraising campaign for daily earners.

With the spread of the Coronavirus in the world, star footballers have also emerged under the spirit of human empathy. The number of Coronavirus patients in Spain is increasing alarmingly.

Players From Around The World Battle With Corona

In this situation, Lionel Messi, who represents the Barcelona club, is not left behind. The one million euros he will spend will be spent on hospitals, clinics and other medical centers in Barcelona, ​​Cristiano Ronaldo’s services in Portugal Are presented, They will have three highly specialized care units, one consisting of 15 beds, while two 10,10 beds will be highly specialized care units. It will also provide facilities at medical colleges in Lisbon Portugal. English football club Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola has also announced a one million euro donation.

The efforts of players around the world to prevent the Coronavirus are laudable, appeals from national wrestlers, including national wrestler Inaam Butt and test cricketer Shoaib Akhtar, to take precautions for citizens cannot be denied.

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